Chicago, IL (2000)


  1. In The Flesh
  2. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part II
  4. Mother
  5. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
  6. Southampton Dock
  7. Pigs on the Wing, Part 1
  8. Dogs
  9. Welcome to the Machine
  10. Wish You Were Here
  11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond


  12. Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun
  13. Breathe
  14. Time
  15. Breathe (Reprise)
  16. Money
  17. 5:06 A.M. (Every Stranger's Eyes)
  18. Perfect Sense, Part 1
  19. Perfect Sense, Part 2
  20. The Bravery of Being Out of Range
  21. It's A Miracle
  22. Amused to Death
  23. Brain Damage
  24. Eclipse
  25. Comfortably Numb


  26. Each Small Candle


From Bill Hubbard (Chat Zone 7/9 12:58 AM)

Just got back from the Chicago show and my ears are still ringing. I'm kind of tired so excuse me if I ramble a little. I was very happy with our seats (about 26 rows back straight away center). I thought it was a good crowd except a lot of people were not to receptive to Rog's solo stuff at first. By the Perfect Sense Part II, though, almost the entire Pavillion were back on their feet.

I thought the show sounded really good. We definitely got the quadrophonic experience in the middle of the Pavillion.

In my opinion the high points were Dogs [especially the last section ("Who was born in a house full of pain. Who was taught not to spit in the fan".....). It sounded so good that I literally had chills going down my spine], Mother [I didn't remember the back-up singer singing the "Dave Gilmore" potion of the song last year. It sounded great] Perfect Sense II/Bravery of Being out of Range back to back [the crowd was not too receptive to Perfect Sense Part I, but by the middle of Part II almost the entire pavillion was on their feet and the energy stayed through Bravery] I also was very suprised at how much I liked Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. I never have been a big fan of that song, but it definitely seemed to work in concert. The back up singer on the far right was incredibly hot (wish I brought my binoculars!) The weather, btw, was just about perfect which is almost unheard of Chicago.

The old negatives were the idiots behind me that were talking behind me during Rog's solo stuff and the freaking imbeciles that kept on shining their laser pointers at the screen. I guess if you get a crowd of 25,000 your bound to have at least 100 people with IQ's less than 50 that amuse themselves by being jerks. (If I had my way, I'd have all of them shot).

In all, a great time. Wish they played more Final Cut or Pre-DSOTM and maybe a little less DSOTM or WYWH. music.

From Jason (Chat Zone 7/9 2:43 AM)

Just got back from the show a few minutes ago and I thought I would stop by and post my thoughts on the show... First off I have to say that this was a huge crowd. I have been to The World several times but never have I seen the entire lawn area and all the seats packed.I was overwelmed by the turnout. Myself and my friend were both a bit miffed at the t-shirts...the prices were a bit high..($45 for the tie dye?!?), and the lack of new interesting designs. The black shirt with the "brick pig" was interesting though I would rather it had the tour dates on back, but hey. The show started right about 8, and man was the band polished compared to last year. Doyle played like a dream, sometimes I could have sworn it was Dave up there. Still a bit rough on Shine On, but Dogs solo parts were dead on!! I couldnt beleive how far they have come since last year. I was irritated to say the least at the lack of enthusiasm during the "non hits" could see the hoards making the beer run during Set The Controls, and Rogs solo stuff. Though I have to say that it did my heart good when the entire crowd was on its feet singing with Perfect was truely spine tingling. Exactly what Rog deserved. The end solo with Doyle and Andy FairWeather Low was awe inspiring. The traded licks like nobodys business. Each Small Candle was a great song. It made me a bit sad in that large amounts of people were leaving as it began. This seems to be a reoccuring theme with the crowd whenever Rogers solo stuff comes into play. In our section (203) only myself and another guy in front of me stood and cheered on Rog through the solo stuff. We both shared glances and cheers as we sand along to all the songs. Unfortunately everyone kept yelling for us to "sit the fuck down" the whole time, but we just stayed up and sang, and cheered. It was funny because as brin damage started we both turned and looked at everyone and screamed " now you can stand up!!" seeing as how it was a Floyd song. All in all a great great show with incredible enery. My only regret is not being able to see the band this polished and in such great form in last years intimate setting at the Rosemont Theatre.

From the springbok (Chat Zone 7/10 9:17 AM)

Each Small Laser Pointer

Things were good as the day started for the Chicago show. I managed to have my six extra tickets accounted for as I, like many, played the upgrade my seats game. My brother-in-law Joe, who has gone to every Roger show in Chicago with me since 1984, and I got to Harrison's micro-brewery at 3:40 to find sgith and Doc imbibing the local beverage fare. When Lota and GLT showed up we put some tables together near the big brewing vats and enjoyed conversation as other folks trickled in over the hours. Meeting and getting to know the faces from the board is really cool. I got a kick out of seeing sgith's "Snowy" pizza box sign which she had kept with her since first flashing it at Snowy in LA. Sgith and I also rehashed our discussion of starting up a nudist colony that went back to IRC chatroom discussions last fall, although neither of us could remember if we had picked a location. Sos was kind enough to be looking for a home for Brian's tickets and it was great that it worked out. Jason showed up as kind of a rag tag lone survivor of a group of three guys of whom, two had fallen by the wayside in the plan to follow Rog through three shows. This made him like everyone else, holding onto extra tickets he needed to get rid of. I tried to dispense some of the cigars I had brought with me, but had no takers to establish a proper re-enactment of the lyrics to "Have a Cigar". I just enjoyed one on my own. Steve (WI) didn't make it to Harrison's, but from reading about how he got his plaque signed by Roger his time was well spent hanging out outside the venue. My old college roommates showed up as folks were filtering out to head over to the theatre. They were taking the last two extra tickets I had. Patsi showed up minutes before everyone was leaving. She was a little frazzled trying to pull off an impromtu trip to Chicago to see Roger.

At the venue, I spotted GLT and Lota and chatted with them for a bit before the show. My seats were dead center about 24 rows back which was a great spot visually. It was close enough to the details of what was going on and it was far enough back to see the whole stage well. I always wind up with some kind of character next to me and this time was no exception. I had Chain Smoke Charlie next to me. I know I had a cigar at the micro-brew, but this guy was a non stop smoking machine puffing the most revolting smelling filterless cigarette I can recall. I was down wind, too. He also kept bumping into me, which struck me with fear that one of those times he'd bump me would be with the lit end of a smoldering ciggy butt. This was just a slight distraction, though. As for the show, I was disappointed that we stood for 85% of the show. It almost made me relieved that the folks around me didn't know the Amused to Death stuff because at least we got to sit down in their disinterest. Laser pointers were a problem. There were times when four separate morons had laser pointers spinning around on the backdrop and they never really stopped. I guess simple minds can amuse themselves (to death) for hours with the dullest of annoyances. The sound was decent. It was very loud. The surround sound effect wasn't too great. The surround speakers were more flared out to the side than properly behind the seats. It didn't quite match up to the sound in Houston. I have to say Doyle was phenomenal. His playing was very soulful and sounded great. It was so good that I quickly forgave him for dressing like a cross between a circa 1973 Jimmy Page and a pimp. Andy Fairweather-Low again had his "I just came from my bowling league" shirt on, but like Doyle I forgave him because of the solid musicianship he brought to the table. I get more and more impressed with Graham Broad. He uses my favorite drumming technique which is to use a rock solid attack on the drums, not holding back in striking the drum head. My favorite drumming of his was on Mother where he laid almost a little funk beat under the music. I finally saw the KAOS radio tower during Brain Damage/Eclipse. I don't know how I missed it before. I also didn't remember the comic book visuals during Shine On with the Silver Surfer and Thor flashing across the screen. The only bit of comic dialogue that I can recall on the backdrop was "I'm getting nil response from the transfer globe".

After the show, Joe and I saw GLT, Lota, Doc, and Sgith hanging out by the stage. We went up there, but it was only moments before the uptight security crew began demanding we leave. Doc and Sgith went to buy some merchandise. GLT and Lota went to look for some other folks, while I went off to find my friends whom I was going to meet by Will Call. We all congregated outside Gate 4. A schoolbus came by and dropped off a crew of what looked like migrant workers who were going to pick up the garbage in the theatre. The guy from last year's Rosemont Theatre show was there with his "Wall" themed pick up truck paint job. Once again the anal people from the venue began demanding we leave the front area and go. A stoned dude approached me with a confused look as he saw my "Each Small Candle" shirt. He slowly read back "Each Small Candle?" I told him that was the new Roger song. He said, "It is?" I said, "Yeah it was the last song he played." He replied with, "Oh I got arrested and missed the last two songs." At this point the pestering security people again asked us to leave and the stoned dude and I went our separate ways. I was fading fast and had an hour and a half before I could get home, so I told everyone I'd be heading out. I think folks were going to go hang out at GLT and Lota's hotel. I regret not making it there, but I was dead tired. I hope to hear reports from that get together.

As Joe and I headed to my car we noticed traffic wasn't moving out of the lot, so we hung out and watched 15 yellow golf shirt wearing security folks break up a fight 20 yards from my car. It was pretty heated. A couple of women were slapping each other and one of them sucker punched a security guy. It was a sad scene, but it did provide eye candy while we waited for the traffic situation to improve.

From the freefour (Chat Zone 7/10 4:57 PM)

Chicago wew hew! I had never been and wanted a little more then 5 hours in the city, but that's all I had. Did the boat tour, a bit of the manificent mile.. and off to Tinley Park. all the hotels were booked (I didn't know there were any as my tour book didn't have them.. and I had zero time for research.) we did however luck into a room next to the Sleep Inn like a mile from the venue. gold!.. but the room was still dirty so we couldn't have it till after the show.. no worries, at least we had somewhere safe to bury our bones . Stopped in a church parking lot to change into concert gear.. I had not dressed the fan in Vegas and it was time to dust off my pros and cons shirt. we arrived with lots of time to spare.. hadn't eaten much and was sooo hungry. But I had race day stomach and thought I would rather be starvin then sick.. so no food. I got separated from my friend as I tried to sneak in my camera. some kid told me they don't search purses.. ya, right. anyway, I headed off in the direction of the car to deposit said item, but wait, may as well try it once more at this entrance.. got in with just a look in the bag. took my seat after purchasing another pig pin for a friend who loved it. Feeling a little light headed but I will get thru it.. there's no way I am missing a single note. As I sat there waiting for the show to start I think this is when I spotted Steve(w.i) I had seen his pic posted with the group shots from Vegas. Glad to hear he got rid of most of his tickets. I had tried to go to the pre meeting but time ran out and I must have taken a wrong turn as I never did find the would have been nice to meet the people I have been reading has all been very amusing. so I thought the Chicago concert was the best of the 5 I have seen. My seats were the closest I have ever had (19th row..) I drove 20 hours for a 48 hour span and it was well worth it. Roger seemed soooo happy. full smile and running on the stage even. Everyone in my section seemed quite well behaved..our neighbour Ron was great and refreshing! I enjoyed it soo much more then Vegas. I did stand for quite a bit. and I am normally a sitter.. I enjoyed doing a little dance, I must say. I tried to be courteous to those around me.. .People ahead of me were on their feet so I had no choice. and I had to see at all times.. mostly thru my binoculars, except for great video portions (set the controls is amazing! love that footage..)It allowed me to go up a few more rows too. I had no luck with my camera as it is just too big and too stupid to work on command..I did manage to get 3rd row for the encore. I soaked it up before getting greedy and trying to preserve the moment on Kodak.. busted!! those nice security folks were all over me, demanding my camera! No way.. so I took off... like did I think she wouldn't find me?? loser.. anyway, she demanded the batteries (pfew) and so all I got were 2 lousy in focus (I think. the other, who knows) anyway, last of each small candle, which is growing on me.. and waved goodbye..I took a little gift that I so wanted to give him, but I suppose it will have to wait.. until when, I don't know. there was quite a crowd waiting after.. saw most of the board members.. but didn't really meet anyone. Next time I guess. I must have hung out at least 2 hours after the show. security did say he had left, but how could that be? Surely he wouldn't sit in traffic for hours.. and the parking lot was jammed almost immediately. did anyone out there have any luck?? some kids commented on my pros and cons shirt.. they were amazed that he had toured for that album.. too funny. Talked with a superfan for quite a while from Long Island.. he was off to the cincy show and I iamgine going to msg, although he didn't care for the venue. He met Rog after the West Palm show and I was eating up his story. I too was fortunate to meet Rog after Vegas but I don't think any words were spoken.. except for me blabbing on about the tour and stuff. anyway, it was nice talking to fans who really appreciate all that is Roger Waters. Rare breed. I will miss that. I sure hope that upstate new york gig comes off.

From the Patsi (Chat Zone 7/10 5:00 PM)

I think this show was incredible. This was my 7th gig this me, Roger spoke more, reacted more, smiled the most. He so looked like he was having a blast. The screens (for close-ups) were excellent, and you could see his face so well, with that killer smile.

Personally, I was screwed on my tickets...didn't get them until 10 minutes prior to the show...couldn't sell the second one-I was alone at this gig. So the Chicago show cost me $125.00 for one seat (not to mention the air fare.) Alas, I would do it again in a heartbeat... The best thing that happened was when Matt (who I first met at DOCTOR WHO's place in Phoenix)...spotted me...he sort of leaned into me saying "Patsi?"...I almost jumped on him! So we hooked up after the gig, and again Matt 'Eagle Eye' spotted DOCTOR WHO and others in the parking lot. At least we got a cool group picture...not developed yet. Got to see Sgith again too...and copped a ride with her & Doc to a restaurant where the ex's cousins picked me up. What a weekend...stayed up till daylight both nights. Aren't I still 15 years old? Don't tell me I'm not...I'll vanish into thin air!

Now about Roger's mood...

I personally felt that Roger said more, smiled more and seemed so happy...more than any of the shows that I'd attended. He does *not* say that he feels the magic at every someone posted. I've been to several where he did *not* say that. It truly struck me how happy that man looked. Excellent.

One more show for me, then...."It was the greatest show on earth...."

Apologies to all the excellent people that I have met, and have yet to email or contact...I have not had a spare second since the SUMMER OF ROGER began.

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