San Antonio, TX (2000)


  1. In The Flesh
  2. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part II
  4. Mother
  5. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
  6. Southampton Dock
  7. Pigs on the Wing, Part 1
  8. Dogs
  9. Welcome to the Machine
  10. Wish You Were Here
  11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond


  12. Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun
  13. Breathe
  14. Time
  15. Breathe (Reprise)
  16. Money
  17. 5:06 A.M. (Every Stranger's Eyes)
  18. Perfect Sense, Part 1
  19. Perfect Sense, Part 2
  20. The Bravery of Being Out of Range
  21. It's A Miracle
  22. Amused to Death
  23. Brain Damage
  24. Eclipse
  25. Comfortably Numb


  26. Each Small Candle


From Thomas (Chat Zone 6/15 5:56 PM)

The show starts out awesome, with "1, 2, 3, 4" (in German). The first half is all Pink Floyd, doing all the favorites. Rogerís voice still has that cool crazy Floyd sound to it. At the half time break, I was sitting here thinking, "I bet Iím the only one here who would rather listen to the solo career stuff."

The second half starts off with an old Floyd song, "set the controls," which has never been one of my favorites. Those songs come from what I call the directionless era of Floyd. Finally, we get into some of the solo work. The songs he played were the really good ones from Amused to Death: thankfully he did not play "What God wants," for if he had, I would have been forced to boo, or something. I just find that song irreverent. Unfortunately, he didnít play a single tune from KAOS, I really wished he had played "Who needs information?".

Also, he didnít talk with the audience at all until the end. It just seemed like the setting was intimate enough to chitchat a little, you know, like "I wrote this sang when I was..." He did play his new song at the end as an encore, and it seemed like a song one could get to like. He was trying to explain how all the craziness of America and Britain bombing over there in Kosovo prompted him to write this new song. The crowd was so loud that he had to stop and say, "I think they would rather listen to me than you."

Overall, it was a good show, but having a bootleg copy of KAOS, On the Road, I would have rather been to that concert. In this concert, there were just a bit too much Floyd hits that made the crowd to loud.

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