Houston, TX (2000)


  1. In The Flesh
  2. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part II
  4. Mother
  5. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
  6. Southampton Dock
  7. Pigs on the Wing, Part 1
  8. Dogs
  9. Welcome to the Machine
  10. Wish You Were Here
  11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond


  12. Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun
  13. Breathe
  14. Time
  15. Breathe (Reprise)
  16. Money
  17. 5:06 A.M. (Every Stranger's Eyes)
  18. Perfect Sense, Part 1
  19. Perfect Sense, Part 2
  20. The Bravery of Being Out of Range
  21. It's A Miracle
  22. Amused to Death
  23. Brain Damage
  24. Eclipse
  25. Comfortably Numb


  26. Each Small Candle


From springbok (Chat Zone 6/11 8:18 PM)

I made a comprise of experiencing the show because I had my DAT recorder with me. My microphone slips on over my glasses and when I wear my glasses I can't see as well as with my contacts. So I was mentally prepared that things would be a little fuzzy. Also I'm quite anti-social when taping. I don't talk and I don't want to be talked to. I smuggled in my DAT under a windbreaker I was wearing. It was 90 heat, so my brothers kept giving crap about even wearing a jacket at all. I just sucked up the grief because I was focused on getting the recording. My brother in Houston works for a firm that has four seats in the corporate box area at the theatre. The seats were about 20 rows back in the middle. A prime taping location. I nervously set myself up to record and waited for the show to begin. The PA announcer came on and said Rog was going to start promptly in 5 minutes. I was set. Insecurity abounded as the sun was still out and I worried about how visible what I was doing was.

Rog came out with the ceremonious In the Flesh opener. I responded to the cross armed salute with a cross armed salute, conscious of the anti-fascist truth within the song. I set the level on the recorder quickly. The show wasn't as loud as I thought it'd be so I maxed out the input and had room to spare. The sound was spectacular there. The quad sound was fantastic. My brother John was blown away by Roger's use and configuration of sound. Roger barely talked during the show. He refered to Syd at the appropriate times. The crowd was great. Loud at the right times and quiet at the right times. On the radio they said the show was only a couple hundred tickets away from a sell out and I imagine that by show time it was sold out. Although I don't know the capacity of the Woodlands, I would guess it was around 12 or 13 thousand. When the sun went down I relaxed more since I was more inconspicuous. One character I enjoyed was a guy in an orange T shirt about 6 rows up who went nuts for every song and did an Arsenio type arm wave throughout the whole show.

It was nice to hear Bravery live finally. The visuals on the end of Amused To Death are touching, too. At the end of the song a war memorial listing of names appears and slowly hones itself down to a display of William Hubbard's name. It was quite cool. Each Small Candle has evolved nicely with a richer arrangement. Rog displays the lyrics on the projector screen during the song along with the Amnesty International candle. The ending is a nice touch where Rog holds up a lighter and the lights go out. The crowd quickly lit their own lighters for another cool moment.

It was an awesome show and not one to miss.

From victor (Chat Zone 6/13 6:05 PM)

When Roger came out he started with "In the Flesh," he looked like he owned the crowd and he knew it. From there it was; a non-stop hit after hit barrage. "Perfect Sense" was just awesome with Roger walking from one end of the stage to the next. Roger shook our hands as he passsed by. During "Mother' when he sings "mother should I run for president" The crowd went wild and loud. Roger made a face, rasing his eyes to suggest "oh really, I should?" and he was animated that night. I have seen Roger a bunch of time and never did he look as relaxed and have as much fun as this show. He danced silly dances, made faces etc. Andy Fairweather Low acknowledged me as I gave him a thumbs up for his playing. Roger smiles and waved at Kim because she was wearing a "candle" shirt that Chris gave her (awesome shirt Chris and only 6 in existance). I pointed to P.P. Arnold and gestured could I take her picture she knodded yes. Security was laxed and really bad so it was all systems go. Phil told me the security told him to take all he wants -- just no zoom. The crowd was great. The show was awesome. I can only say that one milliion times. You just have to see it for yourself. This year around Roger and the band played harder. I mean even hitting chords real hard. A real hard awesome edge. They are rocking.

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