West Palm Beach, FL (2000)


  1. In The Flesh
  2. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part II
  4. Mother
  5. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
  6. Southampton Dock
  7. Pigs on the Wing, Part 1
  8. Dogs
  9. Welcome to the Machine
  10. Wish You Were Here
  11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond


  12. Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun
  13. Breathe
  14. Time
  15. Breathe (Reprise)
  16. Money
  17. 5:06 A.M. (Every Stranger's Eyes)
  18. Perfect Sense, Part 1
  19. Perfect Sense, Part 2
  20. The Bravery of Being Out of Range
  21. It's A Miracle
  22. Amused to Death
  23. Brain Damage
  24. Eclipse
  25. Comfortably Numb


  26. Each Small Candle


From Kyle f. Bidlack (Chat Zone 6/4 11:44 AM)

I am currently sitting alone and pondering the thought that I may have seen Roger Waters in person for the last time. Not that it's tramatic, or earth shattering or terribly depressing (yet), ...it's just a thought that I can't seem to get outta my head yet.

I'd like to make this sound eloquent and impactfully but I am reduced to gutteral expressions when I think back on last night's show. Good God, Roger and the band were in rare form! If I were rating the shows, I'd give Tampa a 7.7 (on a scale of 10) and I'd have to give WPB a 9.3 Sorry, nobodies perfect...unless your God...imitating Roger.

WPB definitely seemed to have more energy. these types of human dynamics are a strange thing, but I am beginning to think that Roger is the source...we fed off of him last night and I say this because when Roger took the stage (uncharateristically 10 minutes late) there were still alot of seats empty. I'd say about 8-10% of the front 3 sections were still empty at the start of the show. Roger seemed undaunted by this and in fact it seemed to have a very positive effect on him and he in turn transferred that energy to the band. By the time Roger got around to "Mother" the shed was packed! And I do mean packed!!! If not a sellout, it was pretty damn close. Huge crowd.

One of the many highlights for me was searching out Canito and Gary in FLA. I knew they'd be a few rows ahead of me and my friend Marly put up with me yelling their names every 20 minutes or so, unfortunately to no avail. Finally by the intermission, I spotted a guy whom for some reason just hit me as someone who might be Canito. I yelled out "Canito!" and sure enough, he turned around. We talked, shook hands and I felt somewhat fulfilled. The second half was just beginning and we said we'd talk after the show.

Marly and I hooked up with Gary and his beautiful wife and Canito after the show and talked till security booted us. Great people! Gary took good care of Canito, but hell, Canito has got such a good heart, who better to take care of. Marly and I told Canito we were going to try to shake Roger's hand as he was leaving the shed and asked if he wanted to join us, he handed his car keys off the his Peruvian friends and joined us on our mission. We hunted around the backside of the shed, investigated a few spots and finally camped out at the back gate. Waited for aproximately 37 minutes and just like in Tampa, Roger's luxury van left the shed with a Palm Beach Sheriff escort. Looked like the band was all together in the same van enjoying a post show pint. Roger didn't stop, but once again, at least we can say we tried, and it still added to the overall experience.

We drove Canito back to his hotel and listened to his stories about Peru, literature and politics. One of the memories that will stick with me is how Canito was able to sum up 10 years worth of Peruvian political history very succinctly in 4 mintues worth of conversation. I think Marly and I felt very proud of the fact the Canito seemed to really appreciate all that we have here in the states. We dropped him off, gave him a hug and now it is all just a great memory. No photographs necessary, I've got it all upstairs.

Random Observations:

  1. GREAT crowd! Met some interesting folks. One guy sitting right behind me was from my home state of Rhode Island. Very impressive seeing as there are only about 156 natives and 2 of them should be sitting together at a Roger Waters concert in West Palm Beach.
  2. Speaking of crowds; Many more drunks at this show. The paramedics were jumping from section to section checking on victims...er fans who were in no condition to get up and walk. Note: they were all older guys who shoulda really known better. Seems the girls know how to handle their liquor better.
  3. Just like the first leg of the tour, the TV on stage was playing "Planet of the Apes" and '2001 Space Oddessey (sorry about the spelling).
  4. Didn't see the lava lamp.
  5. Roger dropped "Want God Wants"
  6. Band seemed noticeable tighter than Tampa.
  7. They interacted alot and seemed to really be enjoying themselves, especially when the sax player came out. Andy Fayeweather-Low really was impressed with the sax. Lots of smiles.
  8. Speaking of Andy, man, his guitar playing just seems to get better and better with every show. Graham Broad also got some much deserved drum solos and spotlights.
  9. "The Bravery of Being out of Range" took on a momentary dark and forbodding tone about 3/4's of the way through. Very nice.
  10. Roger didn't miss any lyrics to "Shine on..." this time but he did repeat "You painter, you piper, you prisoner and shine" twice.
  11. A momentary lapse of memory on one other song later in the set, but once again, I forget which song.
  12. Doyle's wife, Sussannah is beautiful! It's fun to watch her face when she's watching Doyle during the "Comfortably Numb" solo. Complete love and admiration.
  13. Doyle is a bad ass! He stalks the stage like a predator. At the end of the show he threw a few picks into the first few rows and showed his heart in sharing the experience but did it in such a way that he could still hide behind the male bravado that we are all guilty of, espceially Texans.
  14. The shed didn't get dark till aprox. 37 minutes into the show.
  15. Nice breeze out of the South, but it died 1.5 hours into the show.
  16. Marly noted how Roger's class, dignity and human beauty really seemed to shine through at this show.
  17. Beer and bathroom lines weren't too bad at all, much better than Tampa.
  18. After "Shine On..." Roger said "That of course, is for Syd."
  19. Roger's story telling was incredible leading up to "Each Small Candle"
  20. Once again, Roger referred to Pink Floyd as "the other band I was with" Must have been somewhat satisfying for the band members on stage.
  21. A few handicap dudes took full advantage of temporary front row seats. I thought one guy was trying to pull the wool over the eyes of security when he got a seat up front. I thought to myself, "There's nothing wrong with that guy, he just draped a cane over his arm to nab a great seat. But at the end of the show, the very same guy was thrusting his prosthesis right leg into the air. Somewhat humbling and surreal. the guy also had a giant Metallica tattoo on his entire back.
  22. A dumb beach ball made it's way onto the stage, Roger ignored it completely.
  23. Yes, plenty of herb was present.
  24. During Roger's talk prior to Each Small Candle" he said that he was "pretty sure that Slobadan Milosevic was an asshole, but then again I didn't think bombing Kosovo was the right thing either...the whole thing kind confused me"

Shine on...

From Alicia (Email 6/4)
Absolutely phenomenal. Played twice as much as he did in Wallingford, CT [1999] and the effects were such an experience in themselves! A Gripping Syd Barrett Memorial to start. The Personal photographs he exposed were a major personal revelation to say the least. Roger had alot to say about his experiences that inspired the new and coming album. He played "Each Small Candle" with the lyrics up on the screen, and BLEW THE HELL OUT OF HIS PREVIOUS STUFF, which I thought was impossible to do. As he stood there singing his new song to this group of people and explaining the Amnesty story and its significance, lighters when up everywhere and the place was suddenly lit up. The feeling in the ampitheatre seemed universal. He thanked us for helping him make that connection. Pink Floyd (and the marketing machine it became) was something he liberated himself from last night. The majority of us secreamed for the Pros and Cons and Radio Kaos which was very different from the "handful" of people he was used to, as he put it. He realized that his fans were there to see Roger Waters...not the previous lead singer of Pink Floyd. In the end balloons went up over the buiding and a helicopter flew up overhead. Chills covered everyones skin, it was obvious. It will be talked about by his truest fans for years to come.

From Bill Faust (Email 6/25)

So-ya, thought-ya, might-like to, go to the-shooow ???

It was a great show, from those beginning words, to the very last song. The sound system, the band, the back up singers, the lights, everything came across. Afterward, he thanked the crowd for listening, and said that their response is what made it worth it. So maybe he'll tour again???? Fan's can never give up hope that one day......just maybe.....he might play some gigs with some old mates.

As you all know, he starts off with IN THE FLESH. You hear right away that the band is tight. This one song was worth the price of admission. You know right away that you're in for a great night of Roger Waters music. He moves right in to ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL, part II, then brings out the acoustic guitar for MOTHER. He does GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY DESERT and then SOUTHHAMPTON DOCK. And then PIGS ON THE WING, part I, and DOGS (dragged down by the stone ). btw - what is the stone? Then starts -- WELCOME TO THE MACHINE and it sound exactly how it sounds on the album. Then on to one of my favorites on the acoustic guitar--- WISH YOU WERE HERE ---- how can you not sing along, "We're just two lost souls / Swimming in a fish bowl" And this leads into another favorite, SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND, parts I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, and reprise of I. During parts of this song the band gathers around the table to play some cards. The set has a table and chairs with a couple of lamps, a TV, and the girls sit and watch the card game while they sip their drinks. And while all this is going on there is a black and white movie on the TV... I didn't get what it was or meant. What a great song, and to hear his voice and his guitar .... Well, it was too much! Then this is where he takes a twenty minute intermission. Unbelievable and it was just the first half of the show.

He opens up after the break with a mind blowing performance of SET THE CONTROLS FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN. Wow, unbelievable, again. Then some DSOTM songs, like BREATHE IN THE AIR..... "And all you touch and all you see / Is all your life will ever be" TIME...... "Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day" and BREATHE REPRISE.... "It's good to warm my bones besides the fire" Then he did MONEY, and with his bass line..... well, that was the best version I've ever herd of that song. And then some songs I'm not sure of, like 5:06 am (Every Stranger's Eyes), PERFECT SENSE, part I and II, and THE BRAVERY OF BEING OUT OF RANGE. His voice is pleading for us to hear his every word....wow again. And then while he sings IT'S A MIRACLE the screen behind him is showing a bright star in the sky, while on the TV set it's now the movie (in color now ) 2001, a Space Oddessy, and it's the part where they come to touch the TMA-1 buried on the dark side of the moon. There are plenty of web sites devoted to the relationship between this movie and the album DSOTM. And then he does AMUSED TO DEATH and what a great song. The next three songs are show stoppers...first BRAIN DAMAGE ......."There's someone in my head but it's not me",then ECLIPSE .... all that is now, and all that that is gone and all that's to come.... And then my all time favorite song --- COMFORTABLY NUMB --- and I was after this master was through. I have to say that the two guitarist, Doyle Bramhall and Snowy White, couldn't add up to one David Gilmore. They each tried a little part but I really missed Dave's guitar solo on this song. It was amazing though. Really a great song !!!!

Roger comes back for an encore and does EACH SMALL CANDLE. He explains about the song and what it means, and the words are in blood red behind him as he sings it. What a great show, what a great memory. And in the end... "...it all makes perfect sense." I'd like to see it again, now where is that list of tour dates......

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