Hershey Park, PA (1999)


  1. In The Flesh
  2. The Thin Ice
  3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part I
  4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  5. Another Brick in the Wall, Part II
  6. Mother
  7. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
  8. Southampton Dock
  9. Pigs on the Wing, Part 1
  10. Dogs
  11. Welcome to the Machine
  12. Wish You Were Here
  13. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, parts I-IV, VI, VII, reprisal of part I


  14. Breathe
  15. Time
  16. Breathe (Reprise)
  17. Money
  18. 5:06 A.M. (Every Stranger's Eyes)
  19. The Powers That Be
  20. What God Wants, Part 1
  21. Perfect Sense, Part 1
  22. Perfect Sense, Part 2
  23. It's A Miracle
  24. Amused to Death
  25. Brain Damage
  26. Eclipse


  27. Comfortably Numb


Bob(NJ) (Chat Zone 8/18 10:28 AM)

Hershey was EXCELLENT! Band was tight, sound was spectacular (possibly a result of our seat location?...whatever), and we met some fellow board members...

What else? (damn I'm no good at these concert reviews!)

Took ALOT of pictures, got my fingers crossed my SLR's OK.

As expected "They had sex in Pennsylvania" got a huge crowd response. So much so that Rog laughed doing the next line ("A Bra--(laugh)--zilian grew a tree")

Crowd was just about perfect far as I was concerned. Not too rambunctious, still into it, but contained. Really respectful during all the ATD stuff (no whistlers, or "Roger!!!" screamers), which was just beautiful, allowing me to really enjoy it.

One change (anybody see this elsewhere?) was dropping the "teaser" intro to "Great Gig In The Sky" (where he usually mock conducted the slowing closing notes to "Time") and went instead straight into Money. Missed the tease. but it worked well in terms of moving from Time right into Money.

And oh yeah, standing outside waiting to get in? Ron taps me on the shoulder to say "uh, there's Doyle". He was walking along for what must have been a little radio spot gig or something. So we're like "Hey, Doyle!" and he acknowledges us and keeps going. now there's like NO ONE else who knows who this guy is. The entire band (except Rog) coulda been there and nobody woulda known--weird. Anyway, to the point...on the way back I asked him if I could get a pic and he said sure and I just hope it comes out (little disposable, please don't screw me!)

Uziel (Chat Zone 8/18 1:20 PM)

Yep Bob, I did say 1st row for Baltimore (right on the center edge of the left center section) :)

Not much I can add the Bob's review... Roger laughing after the sex bit was probably the most memorable part for me. I got the impression that most of the crowd was just clueless when it came to the solo stuff as opposed to being respectful, but regardless of the motives, the end result was just fine :P

The music was excellent although a couple of things kind of got to me:

Aralina (Chat Zone 8/18 2:24 PM)

Excellent, Phenominal, Emotional; the day started off as any hot and muggy day would, but ended in these few words as the concert came to a close on August 17th at the Hershey Park Star Pavillion. Never had I gone to a concert before this--well, except a concert that had to do with country music, but let's not get into that--and I must say, I was blown away. And not to mention very emotional during it as well.

The concert date had finally come, and when my mother--most of the family was there--woke me up at the painful hour of 9:30, I was more than ready to spring from my bed and get ready. We had lodged in a little hotel the night beforehand. It was the the best in any means, but after the three-hour drive from my city to Harrisburg, I was more than willing to sleep on anything comfortable. As soon as I was ready--the necessary "doing" myself up with makeup just so I would look somewhat decent--the family, which consisted of my mother, brother, sister and I, sent out into the hot blazing sun that Tuesday morning. It was morning and already it was muggy, and just plain icky! To make a long story short--because I could blab all day about the experience at the park, that I am sure none of you care to hear--by the time 7:00pm rolled around, I was all ready cranky, excited, and wanting to get to the Star Pavillion. The anticipation was just eating away at my insides, I did not want to eat, drink or anything. That's what happens I guess.

My mother had become ill and we had to get to the car to get the binoculars and such. She stayed with my brother and my sister and I went off on our way to go to the car. I stayed on the grass near the parking lot while my sister tried to hunt down our car in the sea of so many. It took her forever to come back, and when she finally did, I was freaking out. Anticipation is such a buggar, no? Well, that was done, and we started looking for my brother and mother. Again, anticipation took me and when we did not find them and already it was 7:45, I started crying. I'm such a baby. Needless to say, by the time we found my mother, got into the Star Pavillion and found my father--he was holding some fairly-good lawnseats--I was in a wretched mood. Finally, we sat down and everything was going to be grand! Besides many people getting up from their seats, sitting back down, walking in front of us, getting back up, sitting down, everything was grand. Sit down already! Regardless, I had only seen two or three Pink Fraud shirts the whole entire time, and I think one actually *did* say "Pink Fraud" on it. That was amusing.

Enough of that; now to the concert..

When the lights finally dimmed, my heart leaped into my throat at that moment. It had finally come! But.. then someone announced the show was starting in 25 minutes. You know, I think they do that just to hear the 'boo'ing which inevitably came in response. Still, when it did finally start, I was so happy. Just as he came out and struck the cross-wristed pose, I too did the same no matter who or what was watching me. I was determined to have fun. His voice sounded a tad bit scratchy in the beginning, but smoothed out as the concert rolled on. I really don't remember if the set list was the same as other shows or not, nor do I remember what order the songs were played in. But clearly, I do remember "Dogs" as the barking was heard all around, rotating and quite loud. That song was a highlight for me. I never really understood what the big deal was as I had read all the other reviews, but now I understand. That was very well-played indeed.

Let's get the crowd thing out of they way; I thought the crowd was semi-dead in my section, but when I looked down below, the folks nearest to the stage was having a ball the entire time. At that point, seeing them stand up, and move around all wild-like, I wished I was there. Ah well, there is always next time.

The once-dead lawnseats sprang to life when "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" came on--as they did for most of the Floyd songs--and I thought it was amusing when the people kept throwing these glowing-green sticks all around. They didn't really care if they hit anyone, they were just throwing them every which way. Eventually, one made it finally to the corner of the stage where it stayed the rest of the concert. I am sure, if he had seen it, Roger would have been annoyed. I thoroughly enjoyed the tribute to Syd Barrett during that song. That was very special indeed.

During "Pigs on the Wing" I heard someone ask behind me, "What is this song?" *sigh* Again, I wish I were in those seats with the other fans. Still, the first half ended, and I was having a grand ol' time. Most folks got up during the intermission, my family and I glued our bums to the rentable seats--or in my case, grass--while other refilled on drinks or whatever. Never once did I smell the potent scent of pot, nor beer. I don't think liquor was allowed in the Star Pavillion. All good for us non-drinking folk.

It started up again, and this half I was surely taken away by the power of his songs. Most in my section barely knew even a note of his solo work, but there I was, singing happily along without a care. The most breath-taking song of the second half--even the whole concert I think--was "Perfect Sense". The lifeless lawnseats sprang into unison as the chorus rang out clear in the night-sky; "It all makes perfect sense, expressed in dollars and cents, pounds shillings and pence." Taken by the sudden life of my section and the pride I felt for being a devoted fan of Roger Waters, I leap to my feet and choked out the words of the chorus as sobs broke in where I should have taken a breath. I pumped my arms wildly, and even screamed as loud as I could--I wasn't heard since the roar of the rest of the crowd was so deafening--completely enjoying the moment. Even as I remember it now, or hear that song, I cannot stop, nor would I want to, the tears as they run down my face.

I sobbed during, "It's A Miracle" and "Every Stranger's Eyes" as those songs, too, were quite powerful indeed. I cannot even begin to decribe the power of that whole performance. Everyone played well; Doyle Bramhall, P. P. Arnold, Katie.. Andy Fairweather-low.. all of them. It was the best concert I had ever been to, and by golly, if I am not going to be at least *one* of those concerts in the spring, I am going to be one upset woman. I especially enjoyed the trading guitar riffs between Doyle and Andy--or I think it was them anyway.

I picked up a lithograph, number 411, a t-shirt, and a program just for miscellaneous information. The concert was great, breath-taking, excellent, and I would do anything to go to the concerts in the spring. Let us hope this comes true, for the concert, the whole experience, truly was A Miracle.

From what I could see in the GA9 section, he was quite animated during the whole concert, but with the lack of shaking hands with the quite-excited folk in the first row. Undoubtedly, that was due to the space, guard rail-thing or whatever, edging the stage. It would have been grand to see him connecting with the fans in that way. And also, I did not hear that "Magic" speech. He barely said a word, merely some "thank you" here and there, and then something at the end that I did not catch. I was too engrossed in the music, besides, my memory is bad. And when I talked to my dad before the concert, I had mentioned that this show was to be even better than anything Floyd could do now. He said, "No one can out-do Pink Floyd." I checked with my father afterward, and he admitted that Roger was the soul of Pink Floyd and that even their albums after he had left are not up to par. Being right is so bloody-well fun..

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