Columbus, OH (1999)


  1. In The Flesh
  2. The Thin Ice
  3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part I
  4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  5. Another Brick in the Wall, Part II
  6. Mother
  7. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
  8. Southampton Dock
  9. Pigs on the Wing, Part 1
  10. Dogs
  11. Welcome to the Machine
  12. Wish You Were Here
  13. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, parts I-IV, VI, VII, reprisal of part I


  14. Breathe
  15. Time
  16. Breathe (Reprise)
  17. Money
  18. 5:06 A.M. (Every Stranger's Eyes)
  19. The Powers That Be
  20. What God Wants, Part 1
  21. Perfect Sense, Part 1
  22. Perfect Sense, Part 2
  23. It's A Miracle
  24. Amused to Death
  25. Brain Damage
  26. Eclipse


  27. Comfortably Numb


rich (Chat Zone 8/16 2:10 AM)

2nd time i saw Roger(1st was in Cleveland) and it was awesome, same set list as usual, but he was REALLY into it tonight as was the crowd. alot of talking and interacting with us. . the shott center's acoustics were very good ,seeing they built it for basketball, it sounded sweet. the band must of had something good at the intermission because they came out smoking! the women singers were incredible, their solos and the guitar solos brought the crowd to their feet several times with standing o's. BOB(NJ) those were KICK ASS seats! I thank you for them. PLS will probably also. i was in seat one in the last section on the side of the stage near the entrace and exit area for the band, and as Roger was leaving for the intermission i was able to go right above him and see him. i yelled with my arm raised with a fist " ROGER!YES!" he looked up and pumped his arm and acknowleded me! it was pretty cool! overall big thumbs up! ROGER IS THE MAN!! peace

PLS (Chat Zone 8/16 1:38 PM)

Last night, I had the very great pleasure of spending an evening with Mr. Roger Waters in Columbus Ohio at the Jerome Shottenstein Center. We allowed plenty of time to get there and spent it in construction back-ups and even took an alternate route to get around a bad accident (or truck spill?) that seemed to have the interstate totally stopped. But we had the time and the impromptu detour afforded us a closer look at this beautiful state. The weather was great, and a mix of old PF and Rog solo work was spilling from our car windows as we rolled past farms and small towns. Maybe itís because it was Sunday, maybe because the weather was so great, but everyone was really nice to us as we stopped along the way, and despite lane closings etc, everyone was driving very politely.

It was a four hour drive from Ann Arbor (three hours back), but it was easily worth it and more! I saw this show at Pine Knob on 7/25. I guess you would say itís not uncommon for a show to get better as the tour unfolds. The band has had more experiences playing together, the songs and transitions are more familiar, the crew has had more practice. A few more bugs have been worked out. In The Flesh 99 was no exception. I know itís hard to believe this, but the show has gotten even better folks!

We got to the venue parking at around 7:10 and had only about Ĺ hour to hang out, eat our subs. I was looking for a bootleg T-shirt vendor but there were none about. My first observation was "young crowd". This must have just been an artifact of where we were parking though, because once in our seats I saw many of the now-familiar old-timer PF fans smiling their psychedelic smile from behind the faded DsoTM t-shirts. And lots of students, teens, families, couples - just a huge mix. I spotted a few post-Roger PF shirts in the crowd but not as many as at Pine Knob.

Let me spend a moment on the crowd at this performance, because I think many here will be thrilled to hear about it. The place was pretty close to sold out - the floor and 1st tier were packed. The second tier appeared to be over Ĺ full. So Iíd make a big guess at about 15,000. And the crowd was wonderful! I really thought the crowd at Pine Knob was great, just great, but this crowd showed unparalleled civility, appreciation, admiration, and enthusiasm for this great artist. Itís weird how that pays off in a communal sense; everyone stays cool, everyone gets a better experience. A big part of the pay-off really is up to the fans. These fans were great.

These will undoubtedly be the best seats I had for this tour (one more show coming!). Thanks again Bob(NJ) they were just as anticipated but better. I was afraid the harsh angle would mean we didnít get to see the screen-show but we had a perfect view of the stage, screen, everything but the TV in the living room (again I missed this part of the theatre - maybe Grand Rapids!). Being 12th row on the first section off the stage (the could have sold section 121, but Iím glad they didnít because that left us free to walk over and be just above where the band entered/exited the stage area. I feel our seats were even nicer than being on the floor - we didnít have to look up onto the stage but could see quite clearly everyone in the band. The sound - it was incredible! All the stage equipment plus two big hanging arrays above the stage left and right, and three big hanging arrays out in the arena provided more re-enforcement and the quad sound. At Pine Knob the quad sections were on the ground around the pavilion, but this (arena) set up was better for sound. Plus the crowd was quieter for some of the inter-song effects. But donít get me wrong, the crowd was anything but docile. (Aside: in retrospect I donít know if Iíd have traded the better sound for being able to look up and see the moon and stars - glad I was at both venues!) The stage was a bit more spread out than at the Knob. I can see that Pine Knob was pushing it for this show. We asked some nearby Ohio fans if they thought the other venue would have worked. The old fellow said yeah sure - no problem. The younger guy said no way it would hold all this stage/equipment let alone accommodate the screen. So I guess the juryís *still* out on that one.

At 7:55 the lights dimmed a bit and the crowdís cheering served as a call-to-seats. At 8:05 Roger hit the stage. He stepped up to that mic on the riser, and surveyed the cheering fans. After the "In The Flesh" overture, during the vocal "oooh ahhhh" part he stood, with arms over head in the cross-hammered salute, but this time not shaking them at the audience, not encouraging the crowd to respond. Not encouraging the fans to act out some charade of The Wall (they did not - they largely cheered and waved). It was more as if he was proudly standing there and claiming what is his - as if to say, yes, thank-you, this is mine. I claim this artistic work, and your display of appreciation, as my own. This belongs to us, folks. This is ours.

As Iíve seen posted here, he did the set a bit differently from the Pine Knob show. He lead from "In The Flesh" (not "In The Flesh?") to ABitW pt 1 and on through the Wall, side one, concluding that mini-set with Mother. The floor stood up through the whole show, but the tiers - they sat for Iíd say 80% of the show. Again not docile, but mostly sitting and enjoying every second. Right after the line "Mother do you think theyíll like this song?" the crowd, as if unable to hold back their appreciation quietly for one more instant just erupted in cheers and applause. There could be no question in Rogerís mind. Yes, they liked the song, they liked it very much indeed! He got a big standing ovation after that song.

There was some technical glitch right before "Get You Filthy Hands off of my Desert", and there was Rog at the mic, facing the crowd. He said something to the effect of "Let me take this chance to say hello". Much cheering! Now, I thought that if the crowd were quite maybe he would chat a bit. But just as I thought he was going to say more, the sound kicked back in and the cheer volume went through the roof. To this he smiled and waved - it was (for me at least) as if he were saying, "OK, Iím excited too, letís make some music!" Again, after "Southampton Dock" wound down, with the "poppy fields" slide behind them, Roger and his band were treated to another big standing ovation. "Dogs" was almost identical to what I heard three weeks ago, but the guitar work is even more solid now.

The songs "Wish You Were Here" and "Welcome to the Machine" have morphed into their own new personalities with this tour. I donít want to spoil this, but all the changes from the original (many more since 3 weeks ago) sounded absolutely great - it was if -- as the tour progressed so did the renditions of those songs, but in a totally Roger way. Beautiful, this fan was not disappointed. Iíll leave it at that. For Shine On, the liquid light was better last night too, it was splashing with the crescendos and oozing with the flow of the music. I remember glancing away from the band and thinking; "This is much better than watching a video" (e.g. Dave & Co).

After the intermission, there was another technical glitch. "Breathe" faded in with the "Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh") then ... whoops! The music was at like ľ volume! One measure later someone found the culprit knob and turned the sound back up to where it belonged, and the show was on.

At this point Iíd like to mention that the crowd was doing what I call the "jazz club thing", giving cheers and applause for each artist after a particularly enlightening solo or vocal bit. I really liked this and I was close enough to the stage to see that the band did too. Perhaps all the immediate positive feedback was once reason why Roger didnít announce the band this time around (as he did at Pine Knob, with everyone getting big applause and cheers without exception). Iíd also like to say that I think the ONLY thing he sang that was voiced over was the last verse of "Every Strangers Eyes" (before "Moment of Clarity"). He sang a lot of tough verses from AtD and he did such a fantastic job hitting those notes that I wondered why he even needed the help for ESE.

He was very animated for Perfect Sense pt 1, motioning as if holding a rock, pointing up to the "stars", and right before "hold on, hold on soldier" he sort of half bowed and motioned towards Katie with his arm, as if to pass the mic. Perfect Sense pt 2, as with all shows Iíve read about went over huge. Everyone on their feet for the entire song, singing along. Roger was so happy, and Iím glad I was close enough to him to see that. He was thrilled with this crowd!

During "Itís a Miracle" someone tossed a T-shirt onto the stage. I couldnít see the detail, but instead of shaking hands with the crowd he picked it up and displayed it for the audience, then carried it back to the "living room". (Later, before Numb he walked along the stage and shook hands with several fans). He was even more animated, more into it, more talkative than Pine Knob (and I thought that was exceptional for this artist!). As I know he has done at other shows, he said; "You know in recent interviews Iíve been talking about finding the magic again, we had the magic here tonight!"

And we did. It felt great. The crowd was hushed for AtD, then only after "that would be the year í81, 1981" the entire crowd was on itís feet cheering loudly and applauding as much, I think, for that great performance as for the work in general. During "Brain Damage" he sang "my lunatics are in the hall" with hands outspread to include us all in the song. Once again near the end of the show Rog walked from side to side and when he looked up into our section I could swear he looked right at me (as Iím sure everyone else in the section would swear!). When he looked he hesitated, as if not to just blow us off with a glance but to really have a look at his fans before waving to us and moving on.

I did feel I made personal contact with Katie (she was so great!). At one point I swear she was looking right at me, and me there in my Bob Marley shirt pointing at her, clapping, and giving two big thumbs up, all smiles. At that instant she smiled and laughed (I was probably pretty laughable ... a tall white guy with dark glasses and a big Bob Marley shirt, just diggin the jams!). And who knows she might have been sharing the moment with someone 5 rows behind me but Iíd swear we made a real contact.

Thereís probably more to say but Iím out of lunch time. The show was fantastic, the band was fantastic, Roger was fantastic. For those whoíve yet to see the show, I think the wait will be worth it, I think the best performances will be last. This thing just keeps getting better. Mostly, Iím happy for Roger. Iím happy he had that experience last night, and that I was a small, small part of it.

Brian (Chat Zone 8/17 12:01 PM)

Hi all, just got out of my car after driving the ten hours straight back from Columbus.

First off, if anyone saw the guy in the grey Rog tour shirt running back and forth several times from the Schottenstein Center to the Holiday Inn just down the street, that was me. I ended up missing the first half of the show because I was waiting for someone else from out of town to show up at the Holiday Inn, and they never made it. So after much exercise, I finally decided that, since it was probably intermission, I had better make the trip useful and see the second half, anyway.

I had better seats for this than I did for Milwaukee, in section 124, and I would have to say that the band was definitely in better shape for this show than it was on July 23. Apart from some of the speakers not being turned on at the intro to Breathe, there were no technical problems that I noticed, and everyone was in fine form. Btw, Snowy White was amazing in this show, don't know why the big difference between Columbus and Milwaukee.

Anyway, it was just an incredible show. The audience was much quieter, and during the quiet parts of songs such as "It's a Miracle," I didn't hear ONE fan even talking. In Milwaukee they were usually whistling or yelling during the quiet moments. I appreciated that, and I know that Roger did.

Another contrast is that I never heard Roger say anything more than "thank you" in Milwaukee (again, because he was usually drowned out by the more obnoxious "fans"), whereas in Columbus he spoke several times, and at the end, when it was quiet once again, he talked about how "we had that magic here again tonight" and he thanked us all for listening.

I wish I had been there for the whole thing. It was an amazing show. That will probably be the last one I see from this tour, although I really hope he releases some recordings of it (in video form - already got audios lined up, but what the heck, an official release from it would sound better anyway).

What a show though. And if anyone saw me running around like a madman, email me, I'd like to hear from you. I also met a bunch more of you around the Holiday Inn.


LotaSonata (Chat Zone 8/17 1:59 AM)

I've had the pleasure of seeing Rog at a theater hall, an amphitheater tent, and a stadium. Each show was AWESOME and a unique experience! But what a difference in the crowds and to a lesser extent Roger.

At the CT show in the theater hall, the sound was the BEST. The audience stood for 3 songs and sat for the rest. Hardly anyone interrupted the songs -- we all sat absorbing the music and went nuts between songs. He said the Amused to Death set was the best it had gone after 10 gigs, and I don't know if he was referring to the actual playing, the silence of the crowd during the soft parts, or both. Roger interacted a LOT with the fans, pointing and singing to individuals. After one fans walked down an aisle to see if Rog would touch his hands, he did. After that, he bent over several times to touch fan's hands, at least 2 dozen people! At the end he said his usual "magic" line and that this kind of connection "means a lot to me."

At the Darien Lake show at the tent amphitheater, I was lucky to score 10th row tickets! People from behind crowded the aisles, so we got closer too. I had an extra ticket, and FloydPowr turned out to be the perfect fan to give it to. I can vouch that FloydPowr may be the reason Roger laughed at one point! At one point my boyfriend and I must've been on the jumbotron, as the camera was pointing at us from 15 feet away, so I waved, and sure enough the camera man waved back. As Darien Lake is an amusement park, I expected a much younger, rowdier crowd and worried it would be a disruptive show. But it rocked! Rog had everyone standing and boogying the entire time! He clearly loved being there, and despite a couple minor gliches, the show was great, the crowd excited, the guitarists better than at the CT show (a couple failed sound effects, and feedback which ended Welcome to the Machine abrupted by a couple seconds, were the only gliches really.) People lit their cigarette lighters, and Roger looked at the mass of 20000 people and said what a beautiful sight that was.

I did try to give Roger roses near the end of Eclipse. From what I'm told some of the band (Doyle, the girls) were watching my interaction with the security guard. To make a long story short, only a venue security guard sitting in the "safety barrier" would've been able to hand them over to Roger, and the stage was too high for me to throw them which I didn't want to do anyway. (I could've thrown them but didn't want to knock down the mics near me or cause some other annoyance.) As soon as I got out the roses a security guard motioned me over and said he wouldn't hand them over during the show but Roger would get them, and that the manager would take care of it. Sure enough squatting in the corner of the stage was some guy motioning me to hand them over, so I did. A lot of the background material was sheer so I could see the guy take the roses and head towards Roger when Roger started leaving after Eclipse -- wish I could've seen what happened then.

I had written a short but hopefully meaningful note, basically saying that his most devout fans thank him. I'll never know if he actually got the damn thing, don't know if he'd been told some girl in the front row gave those to him. I'm glad I did it, but at the same time feel pretty disappointed (read: miserable) I failed to "connect" during the only opportunity I'll ever have.

He came back out to great applause and fanfare, of course, before the real encore. It was an exiting bunch of fans! He said "I don't know what to say," "I'm moved," and "I'm speechless." He said his "magic" line again and that the connection "means a lot to me." What a great show!

Wish I could say that about Columbus. Well, the show WAS great, and the gliches made it memorable! Roger missed a LOT of lines, said "he drove a mean guitar" during Welcome to the Machine (for which he made a face), and jumped over some other lines. When "Take Your Hands" was supposed to start, the lights came on to show Rog sitting with no guitar! He said "I'm waiting for a [sound check or something], which gives me to opportunity to say hello! So, HELLO!" It was funny, and he waited until the light went back off before he got up and got the guitar.

But the crowd neither sat respectfully nor stood boogying! They stood either motionless or just screamed and whistled through the whole thing! (The crowd was loud!) I saw another post that said the crowd sat for 80% of it, it looked like some on the other side sat, but from my vantage point it looked like most people stood for most of it. The only singing or boogying near me was some guy breaking the eardrums of the people within 10 rows of him! Even the front row didn't seem to be moving much!

It got real quite during the solo songs -- it's pretty sad when you can make out individual screams of excitement! And try as they might, the girls could NOT get many to sing the chorus of "What God Wants." Thankfully Roger roused the masses for Perfect Sense. He was animated and seemed to enjoy the actual songs, but didn't seem to interact with the audience near as much as at CT. Even though the stage would've allowed it he touched no fans' hands. Though did anyone catch what he said off mike during Wish You Were Here? I'd really like to know.

At the end he just said "thank you - thank you - thank you" and just said "well, let's go" or "well, that's it" before playing Brain Damage, and left. When he came back for the encore, he said practically one sentence -- again, that he missed the magic of the early days, and that "we had that magic here tonight." And then, "last song," and they played the encore. No remarks about the connection meaning a lot to him or anything else, in fact. Maybe thank you, but that's it. Never even introduced the band. We could be wrong but it seemed to my boyfriend and I like they had a hard time getting the crowd where they wanted it to be (ie, pick a direction, either groove rowdily or sit quietly and pay attention!), and that they weren't too unhappy to leave the show that night. Yet it was, as usual, fantastic.

Anyway each experience was different! Roger gives great concert! If anyone knows what he said off mike during Wish You Were Here, please let me know.

Good little tyke (a.k.a. billy) (Chat Zone 8/18 1:17 AM)

It all started with a rumor that "The Man" Roger Waters was going to tour. I couldn't believe it, could it be true? Will I actually get to finally see him! Well it soon turned into FACT!

Where was the next question?... UH-OH! Smaller venues where on tap for this go around! I had to act fast! My girl ( Lotasonata ) quickly got tix to Darien Lake! Then with "quiet desperation" we waited by the phone one Saturday morning for a chance to get tix to Oakdale! CHA-CHING!! We were in!!! Then excited like weve never been before we said "WHAT THE HELL!" lets go to Columbus! A few moments later we sealed the deal at ticketmaster! 3-shows to see a man that we both thought we would never see live! IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

OAKDALE.... was the first show. It was a pleasant drive to CT. to a quite unique venue. Oakdale used to be an outdoor pavillion until the renovation and when you first enter you can see the old roof! There was a very large gathering ground outside the theatre to congragate before the show! There is where we met (BOBNJ)! What a very pleasant surprise! I saw him at my hotel earlier but didnt notice his REG shirt! We talked awhile till the show started! The sound inside was the best I had ever heard at a concert! I think you all know the chills i felt when i first noticed Roger approching his mike stand! THEN the first bass note.. it all felt so sehreal! The first set went by and i had time to collect myself for the second coming! It was all the expierance i expected it to be andso much more! I knew the set list from the postings but it didnt matter. Reading posts are one thing, to see the songs performed...quite another! I wont make any crowd statements,it has all been beaten to death! It just seems to me that if you are in a good section then the crowd would seem good to you if not then it would be a bad crowd to you! "That's all i have to say about that!"

Darien Lake up next.... What seemed like an eternity was only 6 days till this show. W e had purchased decent seats not too bad. But after sitting 4th row balcony at Oakdale we started to think about gettin closer. But then.... We had a little bit of luck, Lota scored 3 tix from a guy in Toronto 10th row stage left! So we answered a call for a miracle and offered the 3rd tic to FloydPowR! He couldn't say yes quick enough! He made frantic plans and made his way to us! On to the show.. Well the seats were unbelievable! The show started on time as usual. And FLoydpowR got more from the trip than he expected! Roger pointed right at him for the "theres on smokin a joint" verse and he actually made Roger chuckle by motioning "NOT ME MAN!" You cant buy a memory like that. the show was awesome once again with both snowy and doyle sounding more flueant than at Oakdale! BUMMER TIME! Lota tried to hand a dozen roses to Roger at the end of the show but there was a WALL between the stage and the crowd. Numerous attempts to talk to Rogers security before the show went nowhere because they just wern't there! Well at the end she held them up in the air in hopes Roger or perhaps the girls would see them and call the security over to give them to them! Not what happened Lota was told to hand them over and he would get them back stage! Not quite what we were hoping for! It was a gift from the heart for a man whose music had touchered her for years! Bad move on securities part! Putting that aside this show was the best and i hope my pics come out cause i got real close at the end!

A quick jaunt to columbus..... The Ohio state university was the site this show. A very nice stadium! We had good replacement seats but they wern't front row balcony like we had at the other venue. Roger seemed a bit off as did his sound man who didnt ready his acoustic guitar ready which ended up in a spotlight on roger with nothing to say but "HELLO" The overall band sound I thought improved again! Man it just kept gettin better! As with the previous 2 shows the rousing part of the show was "perfect sense" but this time tears came to my eyes in the realization of the emotion of the song taking over the crowd! Awesome!! While driving away from the show i wept again! I wondered why? I had to very strong emotions in me one of complete joy that i had finally seen Roger perform and one of sadness that this would probably be the last show for me this tour! It was a good cry if ya know what i mean?!

Final thoughts..... I met some good people at these shows, true roger fans are the greatest fans in the world! I hope i made some friends too!!...... I learned that if you go to a show check for an upgrade an hour before the show, 2 guys from germany got 14th row center a nice upgrade from the lawn seats they were promised.....I learned that Doyle aint no Gilmour but that's a good thing!!!!!.... I learned that next time Roger tours I am gunna see more than 3 shows!! If i hadn't changed jobs I would still have my 4 weeks vacation and would of been able to see more!

Thanks Roger! Come back soon!!

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