What is 'When The Tigers Broke Free?

Partially based on the Echoes FAQ
Lyrics to 'When the Tigers Broke Free.'

"Tigers" is a song written for the Wall film about the British invasion of Anzio, Italy during WWII. The Allies established a bridgehead, but were unable to expand it. There were several German counter-attacks, one of them, on Feb 16th, 1944, against the area where the Royal Fuseliers Company C was stationed (a "Tiger," incidentally, is a type of German tank).

Roger Waters' father, Eric Fletcher Waters (to whom The Final Cut was dedicated) died in that invasion, so it is partialy (if not wholly) autobiographical. The song was split into two parts in the movie, and released as a single. The single came in a special picture gatefold sleeve, had the movie version of "Bring The Boys Back Home" as a B-side, and featured the note "Taken from the album The Final Cut" (which, of course, never featured the song).

Prior to 2001, the song was not availabile in any official release. In 2001, the song was released on the Echoes compilation CD.

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