'Molly's Song'

© 1987 CBS Inc.

    O.K., let's get back to Billy
    Yo, Billy"
    I'm sorry, Jim
    I was miles away keeping an eye on Molly
    You were keeping an eye on Molly
    I thought Molly lived in Wales
    Through enhanced surveillance satellite
    I can read a newspaper from five hundred
    miles high, Jim
    Let me get this clear
    You're trying to tell me that you can keep
    an eye on Molly by hacking into a government's
    satellite. Come on.
Hold tight
Baby, feel the starlight
There is a glow in the sky tonight
Moving, could be a satellite
Is it friendly
Then, will it bring me closer to thee
Heart to heart
Or will it keep us apart, Ben
Benny, Benny, Ben
When you coming home
'Cause I need you, Ben
And I want you, Ben
Right now, right here, Ben
Benny, Benny, Benny
Since you've been gone
I've been so lonely, Ben
And I'm missing you, Benny
And I know you are too
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh
Benny, Benny, Benny
When you coming home
It's not a home without you, Benny
And I'm missing you so much
Day and night, night and day

Goodbye, little spy in the sky
They say that cameras don't lie
Am I happy, am I sad
Am I good, am I bad
Ooh, oh, Benny, Benny, when you coming home
I miss you