Random Jokes

Q: How many Pink Floyd members does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
  1. A: Only 3, but some people will claim it's not really a lightbulb. (Sent in by Joven)

  2. A: All 5, but Rick will refuse to help, Syd will be too stoned to do anything, Nick will just get in the way, Roger will end up doing the whole thing alone and Dave will call him a show off for it. (Sent in by Joven)

The three remaining PF members get in a car wreck and all three die. They're standing in front of the pearly gates to heaven when St. Peter comes up and says "Oh hi guys, we've been expecting you! You're really gonna love it here, Heaven is a great place for musicians. We even have our own band and you guys are welcome to join. We've got Elvis Presley singing, Jimie Hendrix is playing guitar, Frank Sinatra is on piano and Roger Waters is writing lyrics!"

Dave replies "Roger's here? When did he die?"

St. Peter leans over and whispers in his ear "It's really just God, but he thinks he's Roger Waters!"

Sent in by Joven

Q: Why is Roger finally performing Dogs on tour?

A: Because after being broken by trained personnel, he has finally been trained not to spit at the fans.

Sent in by Jake Nist

Roger, Dave and Nick were all (amazingly) killed at the same time, in freakish accidents, and were waiting outside the pearly gates. St. Peter comes gliding up to them and gives the news that anyone wishing to enter the gates must first perform a task to prove their worthiness.

The three have to cross a fast flowing river. They all stroll to the bank and look into the icy torrent, each stepping forward about 5 feet from each other. Nick immediately sinks and drowns as he is washed away, Roger and Dave both walk across the surface of the water and safely reach the other side, and the entrance to heaven. Dave looks guiltily at Roger and says "Do you think we should have told him about the stepping stones?", Roger looks back puzzled and says "What Stepping stones?".

Sent in by Lee Mead

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