Technopoly : The Surrender of Culture to Technology


In this witty, often terrifying work of cultural criticism, the author of Amusing Ourselves to Death chronicles our transformation into a Technopoly: a society that no longer merely uses technology as a support system but instead is shaped by it--with radical consequences for the meanings of politics, art, education, intelligence, and truth.

Expert Editor's Recommended Book, 12/31/96:

Neil Postman is one of the most level-headed analysts of education, media, and technology, and in this book he spells out the increasing dependence upon technology, numerical quantification, and misappropriation of "Scientism" to all human affairs. No simple technophobe, Postman argues insightfully and writes with a stylistic flair, profound sense of humor, and love of language increasingly rare in our hastily scribbled e-mail-saturated world. Highly Recommended.

New York Times Book Review:

Mr Postman puts [his ideas] across with energy, conviction, and considerable verbal dexterity. His illustrations of how new technologies can alter society are . . . vivid and thought-provoking.

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