What are the different parts of 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'?

Reprinted from the Echoes FAQ

'Shine On' was originally supposed to be a side-long composition, but it grew to more than a side (it's about 30 min. long), and the band decided that it'd work better with the three other songs in the middle. In any event, the song is divided into nine parts, but naturally it's rather difficult to tell where they start and end. Here is something, pulled from Guitar magazine by Chris Walsh, that should help figure them out:

There is also an alternate scheme, given by the WYWH piano songbook. In this arrangement, the first five parts are as follows:

This seems a little odd to me, and music books aren't noted for their accuracy. On the other hand, neither is Gilmour's memory ;) At any rate, going by Dave's indexing, the CoGDS version consists of parts I, II, IV and VII. The DSoT version, by either scheme, consists of parts I - V.

Below are excerpts from the interview with David Gilmour:
"Side one begins with 'Shine On, You Crazy Diamond,' the ambitious nine-part epic song cycle. 'Part I' commences with an opening orchestra prelude....David Gilmour's blues-infected guitar voice enters (at 2:09) in response to the horn line, as if to officially announce the sound of Pink Floyd....A strong thematic idea, affectionately dubbed 'Syd's Theme', is played at 3:35 and signals the beginning of 'Part II'....In 'Part III' (6:29), a hint of the funeral mood of the coda is heard in the somber horn melody of the next blues transformation - now a slow straightforward Gm blues 12-bar...'Shine On, You Crazy Diamond, Part IV' contains the classic vocal sound of the cycle (8:42)....At 11:10, a model jazz sax solo, by guest perfomer Dick Parry, is brought in, improvising over the drone of 'Syd's Theme', signalling a transition to 'Shine On, You Crazy Diamond, Part V'...The overlapping synth noise is a segue back to 'Shine On, You Crazy Diamond, Part VI.'...By 2:32, the slide guitar dominates [Part VI] and delivers two dramatic choruses of portamento bottleneck lines over the new 12/8 shuffle feel, setting up the move to 'Part VII'. Here, a recap of the guitar melody from 'Part IV' acts as a retransition [into the vocal theme]...In 'Part VIII', a fingerpicked arpeggio variant of 'Syd's Theme' is heard (6:04) over a sustaining synth tone. This creates a transition to a new mood (6:30), a strutting Gm jazz/funk groove....The last section (coda), 'Part IX', is introduced by a synth pedal point, which grows in volume as the previous goove dissipates. A slow 4/4 funeral march (9:08) becomes the parting musical eulogy to Syd."

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