The Russian Missle
Towers of Faith
Hilda's Dream
The American Bomber
The Anderson Shelter
The British Submarine
The Attack
The Fallout
Hilda's Hair
Folded Flags
--Roger Waters and the Bleeding Heart band
Producer - Roger Waters
Co-Producer and Engineer - Nick Griffiths for Dodgy Productions
Assistant Engineer - Colin Lyon

Keyboards - Matt Irving and Nick Glennie Smith
Electric Guitar - Jay Stapley
Linn Programming - John Linwood
Drums - Freddie KRC
Saxophone - Mel Collins
Bass - John Gordon
Vocals - Claire Torry
Guest Vocals on Folded Flags - Paul Carrack
Paul Carrack appears courtesy of Chrysalis Records Ltd.
Roger Waters appears courtesy of EMI Records Ltd. and Columbia Records

When the Wind Blows - David Bowie
Producers - David Bowie and David Richards
Musicians - David Bowie and Erdal Kizilcay

Facts and Figures - Hugh Cornwell
Producers - Hugh Cornwell and Ian Ritchie for Sono Lab Ltd.
Vocals and Guitar - Hugh Cornwell
Keyboards - Jools Holland
Drums - Graham Broad

The Brazilian - Genesis
Producers - Genesis and Hugh Padgham
Engineer - Hugh Padgham

What Have They Done - Squeeze
Co-Producers - Glenn Tilbrook and Pete Hammond
(Pete Hammond for Dodgy Productions)
Horn Arranger - Glenn Tilbrook
Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboard - Glenn Tilbrook
Vocals - Chris Difford
Drums - Gilson Lavis
Bass Guitar - Keith Wilkinson
Horns - Tko Horns Section
Squeeze appear courtesy of A+M Records Ltd.

The Shuffle - Paul Hardcastle
Producer and Engineer - Paul Hardcastle
Paul Hardcastle appears courtesy of Chrysalis Records Ltd.