Problems with the Live Wall

Reprinted partially from a FAQ (Originally from Q magazine)

The original concert had many errors. People at the show said that the sound system there was horrible. When they could hear the music, there were many obvious errors. The finished product is much different from the original experience.

The 'touch up work' :

The last few thousand of the quarter million toiling out of the Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, 20 minutes after the end of The Wall were transfixed to hear the whole extravaganza starting up again behind them. Because of substantial technical hitches which afflicted the early part of the performance -- including an expanse of dead silence at one point -- and the requirements of a live album due for genuine "rush" release within weeks, Roger Waters and the producers had decided they should go straight back out and fill in the blanks. A few days later, with the candour unusual, veering towards unique in the history of the live album, Waters headed sceptics off at the pass by revealing the exact extent of the "retouching" involved. The unnofficial after-midnight performance provided "The Thin Ice" (with Ute Lemper), "Another Brick in the Wall, Part I," and the Band's portion of "Mother" (Sinead O'Connor's vocal, interrupted on the night, was taken from the dress rehersal). Bryan Adams went into the studio to debug his version of "Young Lust," Cyndi Lauper did likewise with "Another Brick In The Wall, Part II," and they both added some extracurricular work on "The Tide is Turning," the entire cast encore. All of the proceeds from the record are, of course, going to Leonard Cheshire's International Fund for Disaster Relief."

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