Where Can I Get The Soundtrack to The Wall Movie?

The soundtrack was never officially released. You can do one of two things to get the soundtrack...

Obviously creating a tape would be tiresome and wouldn't be as good as a CD. The only RoIO I know of is called Pink Floyd - The Film. It is one disc and will run you about $30. It seems to be a direct copy from the movie. The only difference that I have been able to find is that the first half of 'When The Tigers Broke Free' isn't on the disc and 'Waiting For the Worms' is missing a verse. I don't remember if the video is missing a verse as well, but they might have cut it to save space to keep this recording on one disc (saving you $20 or so).

BTW I found the CD well worth it's price. It is worth it just for the versions of 'In The Flesh' (sung by Pink) and 'What Shall We Do Now' which was left off of the original album. Beyond that many of the other songs are obviously different :

I think there may have been other songs with different portions, but these songs were memorable in some way.

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