Why isn't 'Hey You' on The Wall movie?

Reprinted from the Echoes FAQ

'Hey You' was originally going to be in the Wall film, and pictures from the shot footage can even be found in the picture book of the film (with lyrics), but it was left out. The following is taken from the "Behind The Wall" interview with Roger Waters and Ray White. It was recorded (7/19/90), the week before Roger's Berlin Wall concert.

White : Were you pleased with the movie? I was kind of disappointed with the movie.

Waters : So was I. I sat with Alan Parker when we fin... and we had a.... It was a nightmare making it. We just screamed and screamed at each other, particularly through the editing of the thing. Then, then I dubbed it with James Guthrie reel by reel and as we got to the end of each reel we would look at the reel and go "Hey, that's not bad you know. It's a little bit busy, but it's okay." But then when we put all 13 reels together and sat and watched it, I felt my heart going lower and lower and lower and sank into my boots. I found it almost unwatchable. Which is why I think it's so successful on video; 'cause you don't have to watch the whole thing. You can watch your favorite bits or you can fast forward or you can... and you don't have to sit there and be bombarded with this unremitting assault on the senses, like you had to in the cinema.

White : In a huge... with a huge screen and big sound system.

Waters : Yea, with all that boom boom up and so um.... In fact when we finished works on these 13 reels I potted off to the bar and Alan came through and we stood in the garden and both felt very depressed. We were hardly speaking when Stanley said "What d'ya think?" and I said "We've got to cut out reel 7." and he went "Okay... What else." and uh....

White : What was reel 7?

Waters : 'Hey you.' Just threw it away. The thing was just too long and too... and on it's own it's great. It's been destroyed unfort- unately; I tried to find it and ah about 6 months ago. It was all kinds of stuff with lines of um British Bobbies in riot gear and uh you know. There was lots and lots of rioting. Which was very prophetic. This was 3 years before the Brixton riots which was the first time their new riot gear was used.

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