Andy Brown: Hammond Organ & 12 String guitar
Ray Cooper: Percussion
Eric Clapton: Lead guitar
Michael Kamen: Piano
Andy Newmark: Drums
David Sanborn: Saxaphone
Roger Waters: Rhythm, bass guitar and vocals
Madeline Bell: Backing vocals
Katie Kisson: Backing vocals
Doreen Chanter: Backing Vocals
Raphael Ravenscroft: Horns
Kevin Flanagan: Horns
Vic Sullivan: Horns
The National Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted and arranged by Michael Kamen

Written by Roger Waters
Produced by Roger Waters and Michael Kamen
Engineered by Andy Jackson
Assistant Engineer: Laura Boisan
SFX Boffin: Michael King
Holophonics by Zuccarelli Labs Ltd. ©
Recorded in England at Olympic, Eel Pie
and The Billiard Room (Feb & Dec 1983)
Mastered by Doug Sax and Mike Reese
at Mastering Lab Los Angeles
Sleeve Design by Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe
Illustrations and Lettering by Gerald Scarfe
Photography by Alex Henderson
Co-ordination by The Artful Dodgers
Thanks to Dave Christopher and Celestia Fox
This album is dedicated to Carolyne