What Does 'Pow R. Toc H.' Mean?

Reprinted from the Echoes FAQ

Well, most people seem to feel it means "Power Toke" or "Power Tokage" or something along those lines. Another suggestion is "Power Touch," but the problem with that is that the space is between the C and H, not between O and C. Then again, my thought, "Power Torch," has the same problem.

Anyway, this next bit clears up half the mystery, courtesy of Steve South and the Longmans Encyclopaedia:

Toc H - An interdenominational Christian fellowship of men and women of every social background, with branches throughout the world, which seeks to promote an understanding of the meaning and purpose of life through unreserved involvement in the community. Founded in 1915, it started its work in a soldiers' club at Talbot House (Toc H was the army signallers' designation of the initials TH) at Poperingtie, Flanders. Incorporated by royal charter in 1922, it is organized in groups and maintains residential houses called 'marks'.

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