Where did the voices on DSotM come from?

Reprinted from the Echoes FAQ

People. Lots of people. Just like you and me (sort of). What the band did was this. They prepared a bunch of questions, questions like :

Then they took people off the streets, out of other recording sessions, and from within the Abbey Road staff, sat them down in front of a microphone, and handed them a random card, instructing them to say whatever comes to mind. Answers like "I've been mad for fucking years, absolutely years" and "I don't know [if I was in the right], I was really drunk at the time" made it on to the album.

Most of the voices are completely anonymous, but the "stoned laughter" (along with the "short, sharp, shock" bit) from 'Brain Damage' are from roadie "Roger the Hat," and the Irish Doorman to Abbey Road is the man saying that "there is no dark side of the moon, really...as a matter of fact it's all dark." Paul and Linda McCartney are among those who were asked questions, but whose answers were not used (they sounded too ordinary and unspontaneous).

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