Wasn't there talk of a Kaos 2?

Reprinted from the Echoes FAQ

Roger liked the KAOS concept so much that, during a break in the KAOS tour, he began writing material for a new album about Billy and Jim, to be called "Amused to Death."

The album was rumored to be ready for release in early 1989, and included a Gerald Scarfe cover that depicted three familliar musicians drowning in a giant martini glass. But the album was reportedly rejected by the record company, and later on by Waters himself.

What happened next is a matter of speculation. In a Rockline interview at the time of ATD's release, Waters said he had been putting the songs together for the past four or five years (interuppted, presumably, by his work on the "Caira" project). Another article notes that most of the album was written and conceived before the Gulf War. So one might assume that at least some of the KAOS 2 material was worked into the new, "TV-concept" Amused to Death. But we don't know for sure...

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