How good is the sound quality?

Considering the length of time between the tour and the release of the live album, the quality of the recordings is a valid concern. The tapes had apparently been sitting in some warehouse or basement for twenty years before any attempt was made to produce a live album from them. As you would expect from a recording stored on a non-permanent media, some deterioration occured. That being said, a tremendous job has been done in restoring these recordings to an admirable quality. Throughout most of the album the hiss is barely noticable although there are several places where the deterioration is more apparent.

Although the quality of the sound is exemplary considering the situation and the recording technology of the era, it does not stand up to quality of digitally recorded concerts. All in all, I personally feel that the sound quality is more than good enough to merit this release, but it all depends on how good you really need the sound to be.

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