What is 'Each Small Candle'?

'Each Small Candle' is set to be included on Waters' next solo album. The explanation for the source of the song comes from the official site:

A few years ago, an Italian journalist from a Florentine newspaper, involved in the Iniziativa contro la tortura, which is the initiative against torture in Northern Italy, sent some lyrics written by a South American man who had been tortured. The English translation (which represents the first stanza of the song) proved to be very moving, and was set to music. The words remained untouched.. Until Kosovo.

The London Times had a piece which told the story of a Serbian soldier who saw an Albanian woman lying wounded in a burned-out building. He left his platoon, went over and helped her, and then joined his men and marched off. There was sense in that image. The rest of the song is about that.

The candle surrounded by barbed wire is the Amnesty International symbol. Amnesty International is an organization that works to protect human rights worldwide.

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