What are the colored stripes on the album cover?

All of them are World War II service meddles for Great Britain. They are as follows:

The purple and white one (middle / right) is the Distinguished Flying Cross.
The Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) was awarded to officers and warrant officers for an act or acts of valour, courage, or devotion to duty performed while flying in active operations against the enemy.

The red and blue one (bottom / left) is the 1939-1945 Star.
The 1939-45 Star was awarded for service in the Second World War between the 3rd of September 1939 and the 2nd of September 1945. The qualification for this medal, as regards members of the Army of the United Kingdom Forces, were as follows:
Six months’ service in an operational command, except for service in Dunkirk, Norway and in some specified commando raids and other services for which the qualifying period was one day. Airborne troops qualified if they had participated in any airborne operations and had completed two months’ service in an operational unit.

The gold one with black, red and blue stripes (bottom / middle) is the Africa Star.
Awarded for one or more days service in North Africa between 10/6/1940 and 12/5/1943 which included any service at sea in the Mediterranean, or in support of Abyssinian, Somaliland or Eritrea campaigns. RAF qualification was to have flown over or landed in any of the above mentioned areas except West Africa, including Malta and the Sudan.

The green one with red and black stripes (bottom / right) is the Defence Medal.
Awarded for the following:
  • Service in the Forces in non-operational areas subjected to air attack or closely threatened, providing such service last at least three years.
  • Non-operational service in the Forces overseas or outside the country of residence, providing that this service lasted for at least one year. If the territory was threatened by the enemy, or subjected to air raids, the duration requirement was reduced to six months.
  • Civil defence in military operational areas providing these civil defence activities were not eligible for campaign stars.
  • Members of the Home Guard resident in the UK, who had completed at least three years service.

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