Who is Alf Razzell and Bill Hubbard?

Reprinted from the Echoes FAQ

The voices in Amused to Death of somebody trying to rescue a comrade are those of Alf Razzell, a WWI veteran. Here's a (small) bit of background to his stroy (apparently from the same TV special from which Waters took the sound bites):

Alf Razzell had the job of collecting the dead soldier's pocket-books, whatever they are, (some kind of ID thing I expect) and usually the corpse had to be rolled over to get it out of the top pocket. You would then see why the man had died. There were guys with empty brain cavaties, faces blown off, limbs blown off, and half the time the collector was walking through the intestines of dead men.

The Germans picked up Alf and took him to the trenches where he found Bill. The Germans would not help at all. Bill had a large hole in his back exposing his intestines and it was dirty with oil, chalk, and all kind of shit from the trenches. The Germans wanted Alf to take him back and to be quick about it, but due to the injuries, Bill couldn't stand it and with the Germans getting impatient and abusive, he decided that he would have to leave him behind. Bummer.

Its not all that gory. Alf looks in pretty good condition for a 90 odd year old. He reckons war is completely unnecessary. At the end of any war, everyone sits around a table and comes to some agreement. Why dont' they do that before the war instead?

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