Section 1 - General Information

  1. Where did this FAQ come from?
  2. Some useful abbreviations.
  3. What are some good books relating to The The?
  4. Are there any The The fanzines?
  5. What is the address of The The's management?
  6. Concert setlists (and players).
  7. Some words about RoIOs.

1 Where did this FAQ come from?

After becoming a fan of The The, I was suprised and dissapointed to find that there wasn't a great deal of information on the internet about The The. I am a fan of Pink Floyd and perhaps I was spoiled by their very informative FAQ.... I created this FAQ to help cut down on repeat questions on Infected and to help new fans (like myself) catch up to the old timers.

2. Some useful abbreviations...

On the net, and throughout this FAQ, there are in use quite a few abbreviations. We're lazy people, and don't like to type more than we have to. So, to help you understand what follows:

Band Related
BBS Burning Blue Soul
HPHanky Panky
MJMatt Johnson
MBMind Bomb
PoDPornography Of Despair
SMSoul Mining

General Stuff
BTWby the way
IMHOIn my humble opinion
IMOIn my opinion
RoIORecording Of Illegitimate Origin

Any others should (hopefully!) be understandable from the context.

3. What are some good books relating to The The?

There are not any books currently published specifically concerning The The, but there is an out-of-print book called "Infected" which chronicles the band and MJ's writings from 1979 through 1987.

4. Are there any The The fanzines?

There used to be a newsletter put out by The The / Sony, but it's been a while since the last newsletter. It's possible that it doesn't exist any longer.

5. What is the address of The The's management?

The The's management (and reportedly even MJ himself on occassion) can be reached at :

6. Concert Setlists (and Players).


7. Some words about RoIOs

There aren't really that many The The RoIOs out there at the present time. In case you do come across one, it's good to follow a few simple rules. The most important being: listen before you buy. If your local dealer doesn't allow you to listen to a RoIO before purchasing it then I suggest that you find a different store. When listening, just use your own judgement. The quality will be lower than what would be produced legitamately. A RoIO is generally for those fans who feel that the official stuff isn't enough to satisfy their appetites. A second thing to watch out for is skips and speed-up. As for skips, just make sure that your dealer will accept returns if a skip is found. Speed-up is a little harder to notice and probably won't effect your enjoyment of a recording. Speed-up is the term I am using to refer to the process of speeding up each individual song just a bit in order to fit all of the recording onto a disc. This is a fairly rare thing and doesn't normally diminish the quality of the recording.

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