Newsletter Issue 1

July 30, 1993

Here it is...your first informational newsletter on The The. We'll try to keep you upated on tour dates, new releases, merchandise, etc. Keep sending in your questions, because as you will see, many of your questions will be answered by Mr. Matt Johnson himself. Please forward any suggestions you may have about our format or content. We are sorry if everything is not covered in this first issue, but with all the piles of mail we've received (from 37 countries!), it is a good start at least. For the next issue, if you think you have a great The The collection, send in your personal discography. We'll print the best of the ones we receive. Also, if you have any friends that would like to be on our mailing list, then send us their addresses.

Questions and Answers

Q : Where can I get the items listed on the discography in DUSK?

A : Burning Blue Soul has been re-released on 4AD Records distributed through Warner Bros in the US. Consider yourself very lucky if you have or if you find a copy of Pornography Of Despair. Both films are available through Epic/Sony, though you may have to order them through the US or England. We also have a new film to be released probably in the Autumn called "From Dusk Till Dawn" that was directed by Tim Pope and filmed in New York, New Orleans & London. Shades Of Blue was a limited release that will be re-released, but I have no date as of yet. You should be able to find copies of Cold Spell Ahead. The The Play Hank has not been finished so it has not been released. It is on hold while we finish touring. Controversial Subject will not be re-released.

Q : What is the Gadgets?

A : Not really anything to do with me. When I worked in a recording studio when I was a teenager a couple of the employees started a studio band. I guested on a couple of tracks. Since The The became relatively successful however, one of the members of that band has attempted to exploit my minimal involvement. I wouldn't recommend that anyone buys a Gadgets record. They are not very good.

Q : Who originally recorded Solitude and Dolphins?

A : "Solitude" was originally a Duke Ellington song that has since become a standard and been recorded by probably thousands of people. "Dolphins" was written and originally recorded by Fred Neil. It has also been covered by many people. My personal favourite is by the late, great Tim Buckley.

Q : Does The The have sheet music available?

A : Yes, there is a book called Infected, which features sheet music from Burning Blue Soul, Soul Mining, and Infected and also a lot of full colour artwork by Andy Johnson.

Q : What happened to Andy?

A : He is a recluse who only publishes work occasionally. However, he works all the time.

Q : Where can I find the extra songs that appeared on the British release of Soul Mining?

A : In Britain!

Q : When did Matt get so happy?

A : Probably when I passed the 30 year mark. It's not that you mellow with age -- it's just that you become more philosophical and learn, or try to learn, to accept the lows with a shrug. Knowing there are always some wonderful highs around the corner..If you know how to look for them.

Q : Will Johnny Marr co-write in the future?

A : Very Possibly.

Q : Is Byron an influence on your songwriting?

A : Unfortunately, I've never read any Byron, but I shall be sure to check it out.

Q : Is it possible to get the demo shown on page 9 of Infected?

A : No, unfortunately I don't even own one myself.

Q : On page 11 of Infected, an early set list appears with the song August. Is that the same song that later appeared on Mind Bomb?

A : No.

Q : Who remixed Dogs Of Lust?

A : My old friend and mentor, Jim Thurwell of Foetus.

Q : Any chance of a The The box set?

A : A distinct possibility.

New Touring Band Members

Jared Nickerson - Bass Keith Joyner - Guitar and Backing Vocals

The 24 year old guitarist and songwriter was the creative force behind the Athens, Georgia band, Seven Simons. The band had two releases in their existence, Clockwork (on Dog Gone Records) and Four Twenty-four (on TVT Records). Joyner's fluid style compliments Johnny Marr's guitar parts while adding his own trademark dark edge. Joyner's influences include James Honeyman Scott, Marty Wilson-Piper and Pete Townsend.

Jim Fitting - Harmonica

Harmonica player Jim Fitting was born and raised in California. Now residing in Boston, Mass., he co-founded Fort Apache Recording Studios in 1985. As a member of Treat Her Right, he recorded two albums for RCA Records in the late 1980's as well as a third album for Rounder Records. He has played in numerous recording sessions in the Boston area and has performed with such nationally known acts as Steven Tyler, Peter Wolf and Bonnie Raitt. Treat Her Right's material has been released on Demon Records and Northeast Records and was in the initial cut of David Lynch's Wild At Heart.

Andy Kubiszewski - Drums

Andy is a former member of the Cleveland based synth band Exotic Birds. He holds a Bachelors Degree in percussion performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music. He performs and records regularly with the Cleveland Orchestra for Teldec, London, Erato and Deutsche Gramaphone labels. His drumming can also be heard on thousands of regional, national and international television and radio commercials, as well as several film soundtracks and network television specials. Andy has performed with many diverse artists; from the Empire Brass Quintet, the Cleveland Ballet, to spoken word artist William Roper, and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor. His latest recorded performances can be heard on several new releases on the Pure and Simple and Telarc Jazz labels.

Tour Dates

(9/7 to 11/28 with Depeche Mode, and subject to change)


We have some merchandise available from the US leg of the Lonely Planet tour. If you plan on seeing The The on the Depeche mode tour, items will be available on that tour. All shirts are excellent quality heavyweight 100% cotton and are available in Large or Extra Large. Those of you in Europe will notice a much better quality in the merchandise than you saw on your leg of the Lonely Planet Tour.

Please include $5 for shipping and handling. Send your check or money order made out to The The (Touring and Merchandising), Inc. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery and include your phone number so we can contact you if we run out of any items. Thank you. California Residents add tax.

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