All songs by Matt Johnson

Johnny Marr appears courtesy of EMI records ltd.
Sinead O'Connor appears courtesy of Chrysalis records ltd.

The title 'The Beat(en) Generation' was taken from a painting by Andrew Johson


Produced by (tracks 1,2,4,5) : Warne Livesey & Matt Johnson
Produced by (tracks 3,6,7,8) : Roli Mosimann & Matt Johnson
Recording & mixing engineered by Felix Kendall
Mixing engineering on tracks 3 & 7 : Dave Powell
Additional engineering : Warne Livesey, Stuart James, Roli Mosimann, and 'Mini' Matt Howe
Assistant engineering : Geoff Foster, J.P.Hapiste, Wellard Walsh, Noel Rafferty, Karen Down
Apologies to anyone who helped with the making of this record but may not have been credited.

To obtain maximum pleasure & effect from this album, please play VERY LOUD!, VERY LATE, VERY ALONE... & with the lights turned VERY LOW!!!

I dedicate 'Mind Bomb' to everyone whose kindness & encouragement over this past decade has sustained my spirit and strengthened my heart... (& my art!). -- You all know who you are --

Good Morning Beautiful

Matt Johnson - vocals/piano/tapes
Johnny Marr- electric guitars
James Eller - bass guitar
David Palmer - drums

Esme Livesey - Child's prayer
Mark Feltham - electric harmonica
Warne Livesey - keyboards
Pandit Dinesh - percussion
Chris White - tenor saxaphone
Phil Todd - tenor saxaphone

Armaggedon Days Are Here (again)

Matt Johnson - vocals/electric guitars
James Eller - acoustic bass
David Palmer - drums

Warne Livesey - banjo
Gavin Wright - arabian fiddle
The Prophets - Eller/Marr/Palmer

Strings & choir - Written by Livesey/Johnson