Review of All About Us

Washington Post - March 24, 1994
By Richard Harrington

Few musicians have managed to consistently invest their videos with as much wit, whimsy, and visual poetry as Peter Gabriel. That range is evident in this collection of works drawn from his most recent "US" album. They include the MTV Award-winning faux-muscleman motifs of "Steam," in which Gabriel melds "Sledgehammer" riffs to sly commentary on sexuality and role playing; the Grammy-winning "Digging in the Dirt," in which Gabriel subjects himself literally to the creepy crawlers of his mournful psyche (its director notes that "Peter doesn't know when to say no!"); and "Kiss That Frog," a stunning computer-generated fairy tale directed by Brett Leonard of "Lawnmower Man" (this one was turned into a futuristic amusement ride, but you don't need to get strapped in to enjoy it). Also included are "Come and Talk to Me," the instrumental "Zaar" and a reprise of the august "Solsbury Hill." The most intense video, though, is that for "Blood of Eden," which looks at the fall from grace and innocence and the seperation of man and woman in the context of a neo-biblical Garden. Gabriel's duet with Sinead O'Connor is as powerful as that with Kate Bush in "Don't Give Up." Interviews with Gabriel and the various directors and visual artists involved simply enrich the works.

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