Produced by Daniel Lanois and Peter Gabriel
Recording and mix engineer: David Bottrill
Additional engineering: Richard Blair
Extra brainstorming: Brian Eno

All tracks written by Peter Gabriel
Published by Real World Music Ltd.
Hidden Pun Music Inc (BMI)

Management by Stephen Hedges
Assisted by Paula Bonhomme and Fizle Sagar
Probono Management Ltd, 132 Liverpool Road
London N1 1LA
Real World Music: Karen Christie
21 Conduit Place, London, W2 1HS
A & R: Gary Gersh and Simon Draper
Assistant to Peter Gabriel: Annie Parsons

All photographs by David Scheinmann
Sleeve Design: Malcom Garrett, Assorted Images
Visual Coordination: Nichola Bruce, Mike Coulson
Visual Artist Liasison: Tamar Arnon
Chaos Artist: Gordon Aldred
Digital Image Remix: Alasdair and Luca at Zapfactor

Mastered by Ian Cooper at the Townhouse
Digital Editing by David Bottrill
This album was mastered using Linn Numerik System

Special Thanks to: Mike Large, Maria Pedro, David Taraskevics
Additional Studio Assitance: Richard Chappell, Ben Findlay
Technical Support: Sue Coulson, Brian Gray, Pete Holmes, Paul Mahon

Everybody at Real World, Box and Real World, London

George Acogny, Ken & Nancy Berry, Bosendorfer, Paul Conroy, Saro Constantino, David Elliot, Jane Geerts, Avril Giacobbi, Mary Lane, Willy Levin and ProSonus, Catherine McRae, Cameron McVey, Stuart Nevison and AMS, Roland, Ed Rosenblatt, Jon Webster, Dave Smith and Korg, Helena Shenell, Sinclair Salisbury, Michael Thomas

All tracks recorded and mixed at Real World Studios, except for one weeks recording at Kingsway Studio, New Orleans and one percussion session at Studio 2000, Dakar, Senegal. Some additional source percussion I recorded in Senegal in 1980.

There were different versions of many of the songs which did not make it through to this album. For work on this material I would also like to thank: Caroline Barnes violin, Sian Bell cello, Juan Canizares spanish guitar, Habib Faye guitar and bass, Soriba Kouyiate kora, Bobby McFerrin voice, Nol Mech sralay, Arona N'Diaye djembe and sabar, Rossy valiha, David Sancious piano and organ, Sonia Slany violin, and Carol Steele who helped lay down the original grooves

Much of this record is about relationships. I am dedicating it to all those who have taught me about loving and being loved. Especially to my parents, Ralph and Irene. To Jill, for giving so much in all the time we were growing up together. To Rosanna for all your love and support that I didn't properly acknowledge. And to my daughters Anna and Melanie, my pride and joy.

And to the group:

Brian Eno appears courtesy of Opal Ltd and Warner Bros Records
Peter Hammill appears courtesy of Fie! Records
John Paul Jones appears courtesy of Opal Ltd
Manu Katche appears courtesy of Sacre
Daniel Lanois appears courtesy of Warner Bros Records
Sinead O'Connor appears courtesy of Ensign Records
Shankar appears courtesy of Lollipop Records

Come Talk to Me

Drums: Manu Katche
Sabar Drums: The Babacar Faye Drummers
Drum Loop: Doudou N'Diaye Rose
Programming: David Bottrill
Bass [chorus]: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Shanker, guitar [telecaster] and additional vocals: Daniel Lanois
Additional verse keyboards: Richard Blair
Bagpipes: Chris Ormston
Doudouk: Levon Minassian
Vocals: Sinead O'Connor, Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble
Programming, triangle, keyboard bass, keys: PG

Love to Be Loved

Electronic Drums: Manu Katche
Tabla: Hossam Ramzy
Hand Drum: Daryl Johnson
Programming: William Orbit, David Bottrill
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar [stratocaster]: Bill Dillon
Additional keys: Brian Eno
Violin: Shankar
Cello: Caroline Lavelle
Percussion, programming, keys, vahila: PG
String arrangement: Will Malone, Caroline Lavelle, Johnny Dollar
Additional Engineering by Richard Evans

Blood of Eden

Bass: Tony Levin
Programming: David Bottrill
Additional Programming: Richard Blair
Hi Hat: Daniel Lanois
12 String Guitar: David Rhodes
Bridge Guitar: Gus Isidore
Violin: Shankar
Doudouk: Levon Minassian
Vocals: Sinead O'Connor, Daniel Lanois
Keyboard Bass, Keys: PG
Bridge section from a mix by Richard Chappell


Electronic Drums: Manu Katche
Programming: David Bottrill, Richard Blake
Sabar Drums: The Babacar Faye Drummers
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitars and solo: David Rhodes
Guitar [epiphone]: Leo Nocentelli
Tenor Saxaphone: Tim Green
Baritone Saxaphone: Reggie Houston
Trombone: Renard Poche
Horn Arrangement: PG and Daniel Lanois
Keys, Percussion: PG

Only Us

Electronic Drums: Manu Katche
Programming: Richard Blair
Additional Programming: David Bottrill, William Orbit
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar [telecaster]: Bill Dillon
Ney Flute: Kudsi Erguner
Violin: Shankar
Vocals: Ayub Ogada
Keys: PG

Washing the Water

Drums: Manu Katche
Bass: Tony Levin
Tenor Saxophone: Tim Green
Baritone Saxophone: Reggie Houston
Trombone: Renard Poche
Cello: Caroline Lavelle
Keys: PG
Horn Arrangement: Malcolm Burn
String Arrangement: Will Malone, Johnny Dollar
Horns recorded by Mark Howard

Digging in the Dirt

Drums: Manu Katche
Programming: Richard Blair, David Bottrill
Djembe: Babacar Faye
Tama: Assane Thiam
Surdu: Hossam Ramzy
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitars: David Rhodes
Guitar [epiphone]: Leo Nocentelli
Vocals: Peter Hammill, Richard Macphail, Ayub Ogada
Keyboard Bass, Keys, Programming: PG

Fourteen Black Paintings

Djember: Babacar Faye
Talking Drum: Assane Thiam
Surdu, Bass and Keyboards: John Paul Jones
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar [dobro]: Daniel Lanois
Mandolin: Richard Evans
Doudouk: Levon Minassian
Violin: Shankar
Programming, Additional Keys: PG
Mix Engineer: Richard Evans

Kiss That Frog

Programming: Richard Blair
Additional Programming: David Bouttrill
Additional Percussion Loop: The Adzido Drummers
Senegalese Shakers: Manny Elias
Guitar: David Rhodes
Vocals: Marilyn McFarlane
Percussion, Programming, Keyboard Basss, Keys, Harmonica: PG

Secret World

Electronic Drums, Percussion: Manu Katche
Programming: David Bottrill
Drum Loop: Doudou N'Diaye Rose
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitars: David Rhodes
Guitars [telecaster and dobro]: Daniel Lanois
Cello: Caroline Lavelle
Additional Synth Cello: Malcolm Burn
Programming, keyboard, Bass, Keys, Mexican Flute: PG
Additional Production Ideas: Malcolm Burn