Palasport Nuovo, Modena, Italy

Produced by Peter Gabriel and Peter Walsh
Mixed by Peter Walsh
Recorded by Kevin Killen and Peter Walsh
Additional engineering by Richard Chappell
Additional recording and production at Real World Studios, Box, UK & Guillaume Tell Studios, Paris, France
Assistant engineering by Alex Firla, Rodolphe Sanguinetti at Guillaume Tell
Secret World concept by Peter Gabriel and Robert Lepage

All tracks written by Peter Gabriel
Published by Pentagon Lipservices Real World (BMI) except
Slow Marimbas published by Ellipsis Real World (ASCAP)
Across the River written by Stewart Copeland, Peter Gabriel, David Rhodes, Shankar. Published by Magnetic Publishing Ltd/Pentagon Lipservices Real World(BMI)/Shankar(BMI)
Shaking the Tree written by Peter Gabriel, Youssou N'Dour. Published by Pentagon Lipservices Real World (BMI)/EMI Virgin Music Inc (ASCAP)
Real world management: Mike Large, Maria Pedro, David Stephen
Tour, Album recording, Post-production coordination: David Taraskevics, Judgeday Ltd
Legal: Michael Thomas, Sheridans
Publishing: Julie Lipsius, Pentagon Lipservices Real World, 1841 Broadway, Suite 411, New York, NY 10023, USA
Assistant to PG: Annie Parsons

A real world design
Art direction: Michael Coulson
Design coordination: Martha Ladly
Design: Tony Stiles
Cover images: Danny Jenkins, Fab 4
Cymatics images: Dr Hans Jenny
Back cover and inlay photographs: Stephen Lovell-Davis
Additional photographs: Armando Gallo, Guido Harari, Laurence Leblanc, Robert Leslie, Stephen Lovell-Davis

Mastered by: Ian Cooper at Metropolis
Digital editor: Joe Hammer

Special Thanks to: Kirsty Allen, Joy Askew, Alain Aubert and everyone at Guillaume Tell Studios, Ken and Nancy Berry, Peter Brant and Euro Sound Mobile 4, Paul Conroy, Saro Cosentino, Gayle Fine, Fancois Girard, Stephen Hedges, Owen Leech, Robert Lepage, Roberta de Luca, Deago Meozzi, Molokai, Ayub Ogada, Annie Ohayon, Ovation Body Solutions, Bruno Rafie, Ed Rosenblatt, Fizle Sagar, Kathy Schenker, Phillipe Soldevilla, Sarah Stone, Caroline Turner, Jon Webster and the entire crew and production team on the Secret World Tour and everybody at Real World, Box and Real World, London

Manu Katche appears courtesy of Sacre
Shankar appears courtesy of Lollipop Records
Paula Cole appears courtesy of Imago Recording Company
Papa Wemba appears courtesy of filament music

© 1994 Peter Gabriel Ltd