OVO Storybook
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Sofia, Skyboy and OVO would spend a lot of time with each other playing and looking up at the sky, dreaming of the day they could leave the tree. And then, one day, a strange thing happened...

Sofia was lying back, gazing up -- looking deep into the sky, as she had gazed in the pool where she first saw Skyboy. The more she looked, the more she became convinced that the blue sky she was staring at was not above her anymore, but was a deep sea way beneath her. At this moment, one of the other women looked up to see what had caught Sofia's attention and she started to fall, feet first, into the sky.

Then they heard a rustle of leaves behind them and another man fell upwards out of the tree, feet first. It was clear to Sofia that this was the turning of turnings. The whole world was being flipped upside-down.

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