Titles written and performed by Peter Gabriel
Published by Peter Gabriel Ltd. ASCAP except
"Floating Dogs," "Slow Marimbas" and "Under Lock And Key" published by Cliofine Ltd. ASCAP

With special musical contributions from:

With additional material performed by: Manny Elias, Morris Per, and John Giblin

Recorded and mixed in the real world, England
Additional engineering: David Stallbaumer

Management: Gail Colson, Gailforce London
Assisted by Norma Bishop

Assistant to Peter Gabriel: Amanda Harcourt

When I was asked to do this soundtrack, the intention was to build it out of elements of existing tracks. Some of these Alan Parker had already chosen.

We worked for a couple of weeks with unorthodox explorations of some of the sounds, rhythms and themes of existing tracks. This provided many moods but I felt some new material was needed as well. So, what you have here, is a combination of both.

For those people who know my records, I have included (in brackets) the titles which have been obviously raided. I do not wish anyone to be deceived by the sleeve. However, I am not revealing all my sources. I leave that for your detection.

Three of these tracks did not make it to the last round -- the film. But the music on this record was chosen to make a compatible collection of moods.

I would like to thank the two Alans, Parker and Marshall, for guidance and encouragement. I would also like to thank my musical co-producer, Daniel Lanois, who, with patience and an endless supply of wonderful treatments, did some excellent work on this record.

I am very pleased to have done this soundtrack for my first attempt at a score. Birdy is a special film.

peter gabriel.